Surplus and wanted items

Nothing from aircraft crash sites is sold on this page. BAAC groups will not sell material from digs or recoveries, but may offer surplus items for exchange with museums or bona fide groups and individuals. Aircraft parts that have not come from crash sites are sometimes sold to raise funds.

Items currently available...

  • Airspeed Oxford: various spares for exchange, including cockpit and undercarriage items (Midland Aircraft Recovery Group)
  • DH Hornet/ Sea Hornet cockpit canopy (M.A.R.G.)
  • New laser cut WW2 blind flying panels (M.A.R.G.)
  • Typhoon throttle box - will swap for similar Hurricane items (M.A.R.G.)
  • Mk IV GGS gunsight and controller (M.A.R.G.)
  • Avro Anson panels (M.A.R.G.)
  • Perspex mould for Blenheim turret (M.A.R.G.)
  • A pair of panels from Heyford K6875, which crashed at Edale - recovered many years ago and for exchange only (M.A.R.G.)

Items currently wanted...

  • Cockpit and cabin fittings, glazing and woodwork for Anson Mk.19/21 (Historic Aircraft Recovery Team)
  • Any information on Sea King Mk.6, plus a canopy lever and main entry door. Also R.H. collective stick. (H.A.R.T.)
  • Anything internal or external or printed on Phantoms (H.A.R.T.)
  • Any Blenheim Mk.IV cockpit parts for our restoration (Manx Aviation Preservation Society)
  • Wanting to locate anything Albemarle from photographs and plans to components of any description but particularly items of cockpit furniture, such as control columns, seats, throttle box, instrument panel, instruments, etc. (Pennine Aviation - Research, Recovery, Restoration)
  • P-51 Mustang items - anything considered (Aviation Research Group)
  • Any Wessex parts (Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum)
  • Blower for Mk IIA Spitfire/ Merlin (D&GAM)
  • Buccaneer cockpit parts (D&GAM)
  • Rotol, de Havilland and Hamilton Standard propellers hubs - any condition (H.A.R.T.)
  • Gloster Meteor F8 & T7 parts; AGS spares, half inch BA csk bolts (H.A.R.T.)
  • Vickers Wellington - crew seats, control column yoke and equipment (Midland Aircraft Recovery Group)
  • AW Whitley - seats, control column yoke, cockpit/ turret parts and equipment (M.A.R.G.)
  • Any parts for Whitley nose turret (also Sunderland: Nash and Thompson FN11 or FN16) (M.A.R.G.)
  • Cheetah & 80hp Le Rhone parts (M.A.R.G.)
  • Hurricane fuselage frame joints & cockpit parts (M.A.R.G.)
  • Parts with a flying boat connection (Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust)
  • DH Goblin engine wanted, to help illustrate Pembrey/233 OCUs history at a local museum (South Wales Aircraft Recovery Group)
  • Gipsy Major engine parts wanted: cylinder heads, rockers, valves with springs and collars, exhaust manifold, BTH magneto parts and smaller items (David Arkle - The Aeroplane Collection)
  • Any Westland Whirlwind (Fighter - not Helicopter) parts (Thirsk Aircraft Recovery Group), please contact the secretary for contact number(s) or via 'Firebex' on The Aviation Forum (Key Publishing)
  • Any Rolls Royce Peregrine / Kestrel engines / parts (Thirsk Aircraft Recovery Group), please contact the secretary for contact number(s) or via 'Firebex' on The Aviation Forum (Key Publishing)

Please use the general contact form if you have any queries about the items on this page