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In the following lists of books, a unit or airfield may appear in chapters or sections rather than the whole book. Many of these books are out of print. These books are NOT available from BAAC, but the best place to start tracking a title down is through the various online booksellers. Please email us if you know of any books with chapters about specific squadrons, other units or airfields - particularly biographical ones! If you've read any books listed under unknown RAF units, please email which units are mentioned.

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The following list gives details of books which are either entirely about or give reference to specific aircraft types.

Fleet Air Arm

  • Ray Sturtivant & Mick Burrow 'Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939 to 1945' (Air Britain)
  • E Morgan & J Stevens 'The Scimitar File' (Air Britain)
  • Ray Sturtivant, Mick Burrow & Lee Howard 'Fleet Air Arm Fixed-Wing Aircraft since 1946' (Air Britain)

Luftwaffe WW1

  • Franks 'The Jasta War Chronology: a complete listing of claims and losses, Aug 1916 - November 1918'

Luftwaffe WW2

  • Michael Balss 'Deutsche Nachtjagd' (lists night fighter losses in the west; German text) (1997)
  • T Boiten 'Nachtjagd war diaries: an operational history of the German night fighter force in the west: vol 1 Sept 1939 - March 1944' (Red Kite, 2008)
  • Theo Boiten & Martin W. Bowman 'Battles with the Nachtjagd: The Night airwar over Europe, 1939-1945' (Crowood, 1999)
  • Foreman, Matthews and Parry 'Luftwaffe night fighter combat claims 1939-45' (Red Kite 2004)
  • Forman 'RAF Fighter Command victory claims' (vol 1 1939-40, vol 2 1941-June 1943) (Red Kite 2003)
  • Ab Jansen 'Wespennest Leeuwarden' (history of Luftwaffe night fighters over north Holland 1940-45)
  • Scutts 'The Fw200 Condor: a complete history' (includes list of losses) (2010)
  • Winston Ramsey (ed) 'The Blitz Then and Now' (3 volumes, After the Battle)


  • 'RAF Aircraft J1-J9999 and WW1 survivors' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft K1000 to K9999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft L1000 to L9999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft N1000 to N9999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft P1000 to P9999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft R1000 to R9999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft T1000 to T9999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft V1000 to W9999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft X1000 to Z9999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft AA100 to AZ999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft BA100 to BZ999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft DA100 to DZ999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft EA100 to EZ999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft FA100 to FZ999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft HA100 to HZ999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft JA100 to JZ999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft KA100 to KZ999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft LA100 to LZ999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft MA100 to MZ999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft NA100 to NZ999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft PA100 to RZ999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft SA100 to VZ999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft WA100 to WZ999' (Air Britain)
  • 'RAF Aircraft XA100 to XZ999' (Air Britain)
  • Ray Sturtivant 'The Anson File' (Air Britain)
  • Sidney Shail 'The Battle File' (Air Britain)
  • Alex Brew 'The Defiant File' (Air Britain)
  • 'The Halifax File' (Air Britain)
  • Harry Moyle 'The Hampden File' (Air Britain)
  • 'The Lancaster File' (Air Britain)
  • J Oughton, J Hamlin & A Thomas 'The Liberator in RAF & Commonwealth service' (Air Britain)
  • John Hamlin 'The Oxford, Consul & Envoy File' (Air Britain)
  • 'The Stirling File' (Air Britain)
  • 'The Typhoon File' (Air Britain)
  • 'The Washington File' (Air Britain)
  • 'The Whitley File' (Air Britain)
  • Colin Cummings 'Price of Peace: a catalogue of RAF aircraft losses between VE day and the end of 1945' (Nimbus 2005)
  • Colin Cummings 'Final Landings: A Summary of RAF Aircraft Accidents and Combat Losses 1946 to 1949' (Nimbus 2001)
  • Colin Cummings 'Last Take Off: A Record of RAF Aircraft Losses 1950 to 1953' (Nimbus 2000)
  • Colin Cummings 'To Fly No More: RAF Aircraft Accidents and Write-offs 1954 to 1958' (Nimbus 1999)
  • Colin Cummings 'Lost To Service: Summary of Accidents to RAF Aircraft and Losses of Personnel, 1959-1996' (Nimbus 1997)
  • James J Halley 'Broken Wings - post-war RAF accidents' (Air Britain)
  • D C Webb 'UK Flight Testing Accidents 1940-71' (Air-Britain 2002)


  • Henshaw 'The sky their battlefield: air fighting with complete list of Allied casualties WW1 (British, Commonwealth & American) (Grub St. 1995)
  • Ray Sturtivant & Gordon Page 'The Camel File' (Air Britain)
  • Ray Sturtivant & Gordon Page 'The D.H. 4/ D.H. 9 File' (Air Britain)
  • Ray Sanger 'The Martinsyde File' (Air Britain)
  • Michael Goodall 'The Norman Thompson File' (Air Britain)
  • Ray Sturtivant & Gordon Page 'The S.E. 5 File' (Air Britain)
  • J Bruce, Ray Sturtivant & Gordon Page 'The Sopwith Pup' (Air Britain)

RAF Bomber Command

  • W R Chorley 'Royal Air Force Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War' (9 Volumes, Midland Counties 1993 to 2007)
  • Foreman, Matthews & Parry 'Luftwaffe Night Fighter Combat Claims 1939-45' (Red Kite 2004)

RAF Coastal Command

  • R McNeill 'Royal Air Force Coastal Command Losses of the Second World War' (Midland Counties)

RAF Fighter Command

  • Franks 'Royal Air Force Fighter Command Losses of the Second World War' (Midland Counties 1998)

RAF No.205 Group

  • D Gunby & P Temple 'Royal Air Force Bomber Losses in the Middle East and Mediterranean' (vol 1 to end 1942, Midland Counties 2006)

RAF Transport Command

  • Colin Cummings 'Though without Anger: Losses of Transport and Special Duties Aircraft and Assault Gliders 1940 to 1945'


  • Ray Sturtivant & Gordon Page 'Royal Navy Aircraft Serials and Units 1911-1919' (Air Britain)


  • S D Bishop & J A Hey 'Losses of the US 8th and 9th Air Forces: ETO Area - June 1942 - December 1943' (Bishop Book Productions 2004)
  • S D Bishop & J A Hey 'Losses of the US 8th and 9th Air Forces: Volume 2 ETO Area - January 1944 - March 1944' (Bishop Book Productions 2007)
  • S D Bishop & J A Hey 'Losses of the US 8th and 9th Air Forces: Volume 3 ETO Area - April 1944 - June 1944' (Bishop Book Productions)