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Military aircraft crashes in the south west Midlands - 1944

Details of the crashes and the names of the aircrew involved appear on this page. Please contact us if you are related to somebody on the list, or know of a photograph of them. If original photographs or papers are still in the family, we can help to caption photographs and explain the codes and nicknames that were used at the time. We appreciate the opportunity to copy original material for the museum's archive.

The Midland Aircraft Recovery Group has found the sites of many of the crashes, but we are still looking for a significant number, so we'd like to hear from anyone who can pinpoint a crash that we've listed. We are always looking for photographs, log books and anecdotes relevant to the units based in the Midlands.

The details below are have been compiled from numerous sources of information in the public domain over many years. We've done our best, but errors are inevitable. Please contact us if you have more accurate information on any of the crashes or people listed, or can add the names of crew that we haven't traced. Thank you.

02/01/1944 Beaufighter T3088 of 63 OTU had its starboard tyre burst on take off from Honiley; undercarriage retracted to stop. Pupil pilot Sgt S Withingham was unhurt.

03/01/1944 Horsa LG745 of 9 MU lost its tow and crash landed at Churchill. Fate of crew unknown.

03/01/1944 Oxford LW820 of 18 PAFU flew into a radio mast at night at Hillmorton. Pilot F/Sgt G B Hollings RAAF was killed.

06/01/1944 Mosquito LR259 of 464 Squadron hit the ground and a hangar while beating up Chipping Warden airfield. The pilot, F/Sgt K R Russell RAAF and navigator, W/O E R Lumsdaine were both killed. Russell had been an instructor at 1517 Beam Approach Training Flight at RAF Chipping Warden from July 1942 until June 1943. He was then posted to 13 OTU at Hinton-in-the-Hedges, where he converted to the Mosquito, before joining 464 Sqn on 7 December 1943.

06/01/1944 Whitley BD283 of 24 OTU hit a tree at Saintbury following engine failure. P/O H R Jones, P/O Norton, Sgt Barnett, Sgt Chirks, Sgt Shellter and P/O Jones, all RCAF, were all injured.

08/01/1944 Wellington LN241 of 23 OTU was practicing single engine flying when the engine cut out. The aircraft hit an HT cable at Alderminster and crashed before an engine could be re-started. Sgt F W Dolter RCAF and his crew were unhurt. Sgt Dolter went to 424 Squadron, from where he was posted missing when Halifax LW157 failed to return from Aachen on 24-25/05-1944.

14/01/1944 Beaufighter T3430 of 63 OTU stalled into the ground from low altitude at Honiley. Pilot F/Sgt G M Miller RAAF was unhurt.

14/01/1944 Wellington LN246 of 12 OTU was forced landed at Priors Marston when a propeller failed. F/Sgt R E Pellew RAAF and his crew were unhurt.

16/01/1944 Oxford MP462 of 18 PAFU hit a tree while attempting to force land in failing light next to the Coventry Road in Hillmorton. F/O M D Gillman DFC RAAF was killed. He was on detachment from 12 Squadron.

20/01/1944 Oxford NM234 of 18 PAFU stalled after take off from Warwick. Names of crew not traced.

24/01/1944 Wellington JA473 of 311 FTU swung on take off at ran into the bomb dump at Gaydon. F/Sgt E J Waller RNZAF and his crew were unhurt.

28/01/1944 B-17 42-30716 PY-G 407 Bomb Squadron visted Barford St John in connection with a crash-landing at the base four days earlier and its undercarriage collapsed. There were no injuries to the 18 people on board.  The pilot was Arthur V Pickens. 

29/01/1944 Wellington Z1697 of 12 OTU stalled and crashed at Chipping Warden after engine failure. F/O H A Baker RCAF, F/O D MacNeill RCAF, Sgt C J Pascoe and Sgt H D Westley RCAF were all killed.

30/01/1944 Wellington DF566 of 22 OTU caught fire in the air and crashed at Ladbrooke. F/O L W Matthews DFM RCAF, F/O G H Schlitt RCAF, P/O C W Pearce RCAF, P/O E A Davis RCAF, Sgt F A Nichols RCAF, Sgt C.A. Bannon RCAF and Sgt W A Hobson RCAF were all killed. F/O Matthews had completed a tour with 150 Squadron.

31/01/1944 Oxford LX633 of 18 PAFU hit a radio mast at Hillmorton. F/O D S Haddon RCAF later died from his injuries.

05/02/1944 Whitley LA929 of 24 OTU ran into a hedge after landing at Long Marston. The pilot, F/O R N Wilson RCAF and the rest of the crew were unhurt.

11/02/1944 Halifax LW395 KW-O of 425 Squadron suffered an engine failure, the pilot lost control and the aircraft broke up on pulling out of the dive. It crashed at Hanbury. Pilot F/Sgt J G D Aubin RCAF, navigator F/Sgt H B Mitton, WO/AG Sgt W E Dubroy RCAF, bomb aimer F/Sgt J H Y Albert RCAF, A/G Sgt J F Mayville RCAF, WO/AG Sgt J O R Fluery and F/Eng Sgt J J Shanahan all died. Also lost was passenger J L Dubroy, brother of Sgt W E Dubroy.

11/02/1944 Wellington X3215 of 21 OTU was unable to climb after take off and crashed at Moreton-in-Marsh. F/Sgt J F Martin RAAF, Sgt L Purvis, Sgt J E Armitage, Sgt P H Earwaker, Sgt M Hole and Sgt M J Breen were all killed.

12/02/1944 Whitley Z6673 of 24 OTU was on the runway at Honeybourne when Whitley N1375 ran into it. Pilot P/O G G Moore RCAF and Sgt Tait RCAF were injured. Sgt Eagle RCAF, F/O Spearing RCAF, P/O Hoffman RCAF, P/O O’Grady RCAF, Sgt Cope RCAF, Sgt Lowick RCAF and Sgt Jackson were only slightly injured, but F/O R N Matthews DFC was killed.

14/02/1944 Wellington HZ110 of 22 OTU was diverted to Snitterfield in bad weather, where the bomber crashed after seven attempts to land. Sgt R W Shields RCAF, Sgt M J Craig RCAF, Sgt T J Karaim RCAF and W/O A H Goodman RCAF were all killed. Sgt Craig’s parents’ name was Krakoviski.

21/02/1944 Hurricanes Z4705 and Z4939 both of 63 OTU collided and crashed near Wellesbourne. F/O P C Ryde and F/Sgt R W Ackerman were both killed.

22/02/1944 Whitley Z9488 of 24 OTU ground-looped while taking off from Honeybourne. All the crew were unhurt. Pilot P/O L W Frame RCAF.

24/02/1944 Master W8834 of 63 OTU hit a hut while taking off from Honiley. Pilot P/O W P Rimer and pupil Sgt J Chambers were unhurt.

25/02/1944 Hurricane V6680 of 63 OTU flew into a hill at Cubbington. Pilot W/O P C Herod was killed.

28/02/1944 Tomahawk AH852 of 1682 Flight swung on landing at Moreton-in-Marsh and its undercarriage collapsed.  Pilot J N Thompson was unhurt.  

29/02/1944 Hurricane L2021 of 63 OTU dived into the ground at Barton-on-the-Heath. It was still flying with its Canadian serial 327. Pilot F/Sgt G M Crouch was killed.

29/02/1944 A Wellington was reported to have crashed and burnt out near Snitterfield airfield. No further details have come to light yet.

03/03/1944 Hotspur BT836 of 5 GTS crashed while landing at Hockley Heath. P/O Sneddon and Sgt Webb were OK.

05/03/1944 C-47 42-5704 of the 36 TCS, 316 TCG crashed near Elmdon. There seems to have been at least one fatality. This aircraft may have been used for the campaign in North Africa in 1943. Michael Ingrisano's book Valour without Arms suggests this crew could have been pilot 1st Lt Orrin D Munger, 2nd pilot 2nd Lt Durward L Oilar and crew chief T/Sgt Albert R Poppleton, all of whom were killed when their C-47 crashed in fog as the group was returning to the UK from the Mediterranean. More details would be appreciated.

05/03/1944 Wellington BJ696 of 12 OTU belly landed at Chipping Warden and burst into flames. The pilot ws F/O D L Hill RCAF. Two of the crew were hospitalised with burns.

07/03/1944 Hurricane W9209 of 63 OTU crashed near Kenilworth. Sgt J W Bell was killed.

09/03/1944 A newly-built Spitfire from Castle Bromwich crashed near Elmdon while on its test flight. Test pilot S/Ldr R V Ellis AFC DFM was injured. The serial of the Spitfire has not been traced.

16/03/1944 Halifax LW413 of 425 Squadron was abandoned by its crew after an operation, when low on fuel. It crashed into houses in Brierley Hill.  F/O E E Kirk, F/O H C Facey, F/O F D Hagen, P/O E F Bush, Sgt C E Robertson, Sgt D R McEvoy, Sgt C Adams all baled out OK. One civilian, Mrs Rowbottom, was killed.  With the exception of Bush and Robertson, this crew was shot down in Halifax LW415 of 425 Squadron on the night of 15-16 June 1944, while operating against shipping at Bolougne.  Adams and McEvoy were killed, Facey was captured and the others successfully evaded capture.  The mainly Canadian crew had trained at 22 OTU, Wellesbourne.

19/03/1944 Mosquito HK314 of 219 Squadron crashed at Knowle while performing a slow roll at low altitude. Pilot T/W/O/2 G McIntosh RCAF and F/Sgt Griffin were both killed.

21/03/1944 Hurricane LE655 of 577 Squadron collided with trees at Bedworth. Pilot F/Sgt A Bialecki, Polish, was killed.

22/03/1944 Wellington HD987 of 105 OTU crashed on to a bus workshop at Mill Lane, Digbeth in Birmingham when control was lost following engine failure. F/Lt B J Balchin, P/O D Huddleston and Sgt B Morgan were all killed.

23/03/1944 Wellington X3337 of 29 OTU crashed on landing at Chipping Warden and burnt out. Sgt F D Galloway and his crew were unhurt, except for minor burns. An ambulance driver, LAC W Hansford, rescued the rear gunner from the blazing wreck.

24/03/1944 Whitley Z9514 of 24 OTU suffered a collapsed undercarriage at Long Marston. W/O B W Smith RCAF was unhurt.

01/04/1944 Master DL574 of the 352 Fighter Group, USAAF crashed at Wellesbourne. The pilot was Freemont W Miller (rank and fate unknown). The aircraft may have been flying from Goxhill.

04/04/1944 Tomahawk AH885 of 1681 Flight ran off the runway when landing at Long Marston and tipped onto its nose. F/Lt J E Gilden was unhurt.

11/04/1944 Martinet JN427 of 29 OTU overturned when landing at Bitteswell. Fate of crew unknown.

13/04/1944 Whitley AD683 of 24 OTU crash landed at Bretforten after overshooting. Sgt J A Tease RCAF and crew were not hurt.

15/04/1944 P-47 serial 41-6251 of 551 Fighter Training Squadron, 495 Fighter Group crashed at Nuneaton following loss of control in cloud. Pilot 2nd Lt J P Gerrits baled out and was injured on landing.

16/04/1944 Wellington HE263 of 16 OTU crash-laned north of Banbury after engine failure. F/O K E Tingley and his crew were unhurt.

22/04/1944 Beaufighter KW317 of 1 Ferry Unit crashed at Guarlford following an engine failure. Pilot P/O S M Morris was badly injured and was rescued by a farmer, who received the BEM.

23/04/1944 Wellington BK541 of 22 OTU crashed on overshoot at RAF Stratford following engine failure. Sgt J G Savard RCAF and his crew were unhurt. Sgt Savard went on to fly with 433 Squadron and lost his life on 17th August 1944.

27/04/1944 Messerschmitt Me 410 9K+ZP Wk Nr 420445 of Stab./KG 51 collided with Oxford LX196 of 18 PAFU, which it was trying to shoot down at Frankton. Pilot Lt Wolgang Wenning and observer Fw Gustav Delp in the Me 410 and pilot P/O G S Moore RCAF in the Oxford were all killed.

29/04/1944 Wellington LN843 OP-W of 11 OTU attempted to force-land at Moreton-in-Marsh following engine failure, but ended up amongst the trees. F/Sgt J Johnson and his crew were unhurt, except for Sgt Ratter, who was injured.

29/04/1944 Wellington T2968 of 105 OTU flew into a hill shortly after taking off from Bramcote. F/O G Starktoller and Sgt R S Ogg were killed. Sgt S Reed was injured.

30/04/1944 Wellington HE870 of 21 OTU suffered a double engine failure at the conclusion to a fighter affiliation exercise and was skillfully forcelanded at Barton-on-the-Heath. Only one of F/Sgt J H Bridgett RAAF’s crew was injured.

06/05/1944 Horsa LH152 of 1 HGSU was caught in the slipstream, cast off and crash landed at Eckington. Fate of crew unknown.

08/05/1944 Oxford ED282 of 18 PAFU dived into the ground at Ufton. Sgt R B Mitchell was killed.

08/05/1944 Oxford HN440 of 18 PAFU struck a tree at night while force landing following engine failure, at Church Lawford. Pilot P/O R E Robertson RCAF was killed.

14/05/1944 Whitley N1436 of 24 OTU stalled on overshoot from Honeybourne. F/O L W Wright RCAF was unhurt.

21/05/1944 Tiger Moth DE375 of 10 Group Communication Fligth crashed while force landing at Droitwich. Names of crew not traced.

24/05/1944 Martinet JN428 of 22 OTU spun into ground at Wellesbourne. Pilot F/O D F G Parker was killed.

27/05/1944 Wellington HE389 of 22 OTU force-landed at Loxley when its propellers failed. F/Lt R A G Tucker and his crew were unhurt.

28/05/1944 Wellington BK558 of 12 OTU caught fire in the air and burnt out after landing at Chipping Warden. W/O T W Black and his crew were unhurt.

29/05/1944 Anson R9805 24 OTU overshot landing at Leamington aerodrome. Pilot P/O P Mudry RCAF was OK.

29/05/1944 Wellington R1370 of 105 OTU crashed on take off from Bramcote. Nobody was hurt.

31/05/1944 Tiger Moth R5255 of 14 EFTS spun into the ground at Blockley. Names of crew not traced.

31/05/1944 Wellington BK157 of 12 OTU was on a fighter affiliation exercise when a wing failed, causing it to crash at Swalcliffe. F/O D A Driver DFM, F/Sgt E Cotterell, F/Sgt J H McGregor, Sgt E W Blakeman, Sgt J A Oliver, Sgt F J Pack and Sgt J H Nixon were all killed. F/O Driver had completed a tour with 104 Squadron in the Middle East.

02/06/1944 Wellington X3823 of 12 OTU crashed on take off from Edgehill. F/O I V F Hawkins was unhurt and F/O Dawes was slightly injured.

04/06/1944 Wellington BK470 of 16 OTU crashed into a farm when taking off from Barford St John. F/Lt P U Keel (Danish) was killed and two others were injured.

07/06/1944 Lancaster DS768 of 408 Squadron overshot landing at Honeybourne. Pilot F/O D T Ryan (Canadian), W/O2 R D Whitson, P/O A H Durnin, F/O G Croucher, Sgt H E Truscott, Sgt J A Imrie, Sgt D Scott and Sgt F J Ward all OK.

07/06/1944 A C-47 Dakota (probably 43-15048) of 49 TCS, 313 TCG crashed on approach to Edgehill. It had taken off from Framlingham on an ammunition and supply drop over the Cherbourg Peninsula - one of 52 C-47s in operation Freeport, supplying the 82nd Airbourne Division. It may have been hit by ground fire and was trying to make an emergency landing, possibly after dark. Pilot 1st Lt Edmond J Gibala, Co-pilot 1st Lt George H Ehreich, Navigator 1st Lt Paul C Pollitt, Radio Operator S/Sgt Harold A Hahn, CC S/Sgt Jenning B Fort, QMD 1/Sgt Daniel H Metcalf were all killed. A memorial page to Lt. George Ehrreich contains excellent photos and a video (log in to Facebook before following the link).

10/06/1944 Hurricane PG425 of 21 OTU crashed into trees at Long Compton. Pilot F/Sgt D Stevens was killed.

10/06/1944 P-47D 42-22518 of 552 Fighter Squadron, 495 Fighter Group crashed at Wykham Martin Estate at Hockley Heath, when it undershot and somersaulted into trees, killing the pilot Lt Malcolm A Bain.

10/06/1944 Oxford NM278 of 18 PAFU made a violent recovery from a diving turn at Snitterfield, causing the wings to break away. F/O J McGregor was killed.

11/06/1944 Wellington BK186 of 22 OTU had to crash land at RAF Stratford after an engine failure. F/O C Bouchard RCAF and his crew were unhurt. BK186 had been in collision with Spitfire P8268 on 14th May 1943.

12/06/1944 Wellington LN635 of 21 OTU caught fire while on a bombing exercise over the Radway ranges. The crew baled out and the Wellington crashed at Upper Tysoe. The pilot, F/Sgt J M Gaddes RNZAF and his crew were unhurt, except for Sgt G M Dilworth and F/Sgt F N Chapman RAAF, both of whom were injured.

14/06/1944 AT-6D Harvard 41-34655 of 8 Fighter Command HQ lost its port wing and crashed at Ryton-on-Dunsmor. Pilot 2/Lt H R Wayland and passenger 2/Lt Mary Ethell Chubb (American army nursing corps) were both killed.

19/06/1944 Tiger Moth N9336 of 14 EFTS crashed when force landing at Northfield. Sgt Pratt and Sgt Harper were unhurt.

19/06/1944 Tiger Moth T6124 of 14 EFTS stalled and hit a hangar while overshooting at Elmdon. F/Lt Emery and Sgt Rusell were unhurt.

25/06/1944 Warwick BV307 of 1 FU crash landed at Pershore after and engine caught fire on take off. There were no casualties, but the names of the crew have not been traced.

28/06/1944 Whitley BD505 of the AFEE crashed at Bishop's Tachbrook while overshooting the landing ground at Leamington Spa. The names of the crew have not been traced.

29/06/1944 Oxford LX273 of 18 PAFU crashed inverted near Leamington Spa. Pilot Sgt R O Harvey RAAF and wireless operator AC2 E Naylor were both killed.

??/06/1944 An unknown aircraft was attended by the fire section of Bitteswell airfield. The crew survived.

02/07/1944 Oxford BG597 of 18 PAFU had its undercarriage collapse while landing at Church Lawford.

02/07/1944 Oxford X6789 of 18 PAFU hit a sodium flare on the ground at Warwick RLG. P/O J Warburton was unhurt.

04/07/1944 Wellington BK251 of 24 OTU crashed in the bomb dump at Honeybourne while on approach, probably following engine failure. F/O A S Woolaver RCAF, F/O R J Gray RCAF, P/O W A Tees RCAF, F/O E K Burleigh RCAF, Sgt L T Gabryelski RCAF, Sgt G A Jones RCAF and Sgt W Marshall RCAF were all killed.

05/07/1944 Typhoon MN127 of 3 TEU hit the ground near Kenilworth while low flying. Pilot F/Sgt L H Johnson RNZAF was killed.

06/07/1944 Martinet JN299 of 21 OTU force landed and overturned at Lodenham. Pilot F/O J Patterson was unhurt.

11/07/1944 Wellington X3306 of 29 OTU crashed on landing at Bitteswell. F/Sgt N R Hooper RAAF and crew were unhurt.

12/07/1944 Wellington BJ622 of 12 OTU belly landed at Chipping Warden. Sgt J C Ridley RCAF and crew were unhurt.

14/07/1944 Wellington HE381 TY-G of 24 OTU spun into the ground at Long Compton. F/O J A Thompson RCAF, W/O R Burns, Sgt J C Anderson RCAF and F/Sgt J W Johnson RCAF were all killed.

16/07/1944 Magister R1858 of Unit FT Communications Flight hit a tree at Bevington Hall. Pilot F/Lt A Michiels, Belgian, was killed.

16/07/1944 Wellington LN696 of 21 OTU caught fire at Moreton-in-Marsh when being de-fuelled by a bowser.

24/07/1944 Oxford HM667 of 3 PAFU flew into an electric pylon at Powick that was not marked on the map. Pilot F/Sgt K J Luscombe, second pilot F/Sgt K J Banfield RAAF and a third crew member whose name has not been traced, were all killed.

25/07/1944 Stirling LK591 of 1661 CU suffered a double engine failure and crashed on approach to Gaydon. Three of the crew were killed, Sgt J A Edmonds, Sgt F C White and F/O B C Roderick RAAF. The pilot P/O A R Bullock RAAF along with P/O H F A Brown RAAF, Sgt J J Ferguson RAAF, F/Sgt C R Neilson RAAF and Sgt K G Judd RAAF were injured.

25/07/1944 Wellington HF610 of 22 OTU belly landed at Snitterfield. F/O A Macleod RCAF and his crew were unhurt.

30/07/1944 Halifax NA503 of 102 Squadron hit trees at Blockley while diverting into Moreton-in-Marsh. Pilot F/Sgt Hulme, navigator F/Sgt H R Riddle, air bomber F/Sgt L P Jarrat, wireless operator Sgt C M Matthews, air gunner F/Sgt M W Neilson RAAF, air gunner Sgt F L Booker and flight engineer Sgt G A Herbert were all killed. Neilson was Australian; Hulme, Riddle and Jarrat were from New Zealand.

30/07/1944 Wellington LN869 of 22 OTU was landing when an engine caught fire, causing the aircraft to crash at Goldicote. F/O J J D Belanger RCAF, F/O R L Cuzner RCAF, Sgt J L Moreau RCAF, Sgt J A M Duplaise RCAF and Sgt J M D Martin RCAF were all killed, while Sgt J J P Dion RCAF was injured.

31/07/1944 Master DL961 of 5 GTS stalled and crashed near the pilots home in West Smethwick. Pilot F/Sgt A C Cox and second pilot F/Sgt C Preston were both killed.

31/07/1944 Wellington BK455 of 12 OTU stalled and crashed at Edgehill. W/O T Davies, F/O C W Warren, F/Sgt P H Walden, Sgt A D Marks and Sgt D J Roberts were all killed.

31/07/1944 Wellington NC452 of 12 OTU belly landed at Chipping Warden with a double engine failure. F/Lt W J Timperley, F/Sgt A C Lockyer RNZAF and Sgt C S A Johnstone were all injured. F/Sgt Lockyer joined 550 Squadron and was killed when Lancaster NG132 was shot down by an intruder on 17/03/1945.

04/08/1944 Master W9027 of 5 PAFU stalled and crashed near the pilots home in at Stechford, Birmingham. Instructor F/Sgt A F Wood and pupil Sgt R F Coffey, Australian, were both killed.

11/08/1944 Wellingtons LP618 and MF591, both of 24 OTU collided in mid-air over the Longden bombing range. P/O J Shwaikoski RCAF was thrown out of MF591 by the collision and killed. LP618 lost a wing and entered a spin. Miraculously, F/Lt S M Bruce RCAF managed to bale out safely before the aircraft hit HT cables and crashed at Hanley Swan. F/Sgt H G Round RCAF, Sgt L H Fraser RCAF, Sgt L M Lysak RCAF, Sgt L CLamb RCAF, Sgt G O Prime RCAF and Sgt A E Kidney RCAF all died in the crash. Meanwhile, F/O W W McSween RCAF managed to nurse MF591 back to a crash-landing at Honeybourne, also saving the lives of P/O McGuire RCAF, Sgt Scott RCAF and Sgt Fullerton RCAF.

15/08/1944 Tiger Moth N6538 of 9 EFTS crashed during aerobatics at Shustoke. Sgt Hale was killed and Sgt Garrett was injured.

20/08/1944 Wellington MF568 of 105 OTU overshot when landing at Bramcote. F/O E R E Garrett and his crew were unhurt.

22/08/1944 Wellington MF517 of 105 OTU descended through cloud and flew into high ground at Romsley. F/O K W Fox, W/O S C Walker and Sgt G Frith were all killed.

24/08/1944 Halifax LW325 of 1666 Heavy Conversion Unit lost a propeller, then broke up in the air near Defford. Pilot 1st Lt P B Franklin South African Air Force, Sgt J B Iles, F/Sgt C B Schuller RAAF, F/O J V Hudson, F/Sgt J P Mansell RAAF, Sgt J D Greensmith, Sgt E W A Dunford were all killed.

26/08/1944 Anson DJ663 3 OAFU struck trees at Six Ashes. F/Sgt M F Cox, Sgt C D R Verrier, F/O N E Trusty, P/O J L Staples were all killed and P/O A J Welham was injured.

26/08/1944 Magister T9895 of 18 PAFU crashed on landing at Snitterfield. Fate of crew unknown.

26/08/1944 Wellington LP675 of 105 OTU became lost due to the radio being unserviceable. Sgt H Ritcher and Sgt A Cowperg baled out, but the pilot, F/O L P H Cole, lost his parachute through the escape hatch and had to crash-land at Halfpenny Green. He was injured in the crash.

29/08/1944 Wellington BJ917 of 12 OTU caught fire after landing at Edgehill. F/Lt L I Falber and F/Lt H R J Jansen (Dutch) were not seriously hurt.

10/09/1944 Proctor DX191 of 2 RS struck trees while force landing near Shipston-on-Stour. Pilot F/Sgt R A Corbett RAAF was killed and wireless operator/ air gunner Sgt J B Jubb was so seriously injured that he died the following day.

11/09/1944 Wellington DF735 of 22 OTU crashed on landing at Gaydon after engine failure. P/O A E Smith RCAF and his crew were unhurt.

13/09/1944 Boston AH467 of Telecommunications Flying Unit overshot while landing at Defford and overturned. The pilot, F/O S Sutcliffe, was injured.

15/09/1944 Hotspur HH140 of 5 GTS undershot and hit a hedge at Hockley Heath.

18/09/1944 Beaufighter NV497 of 1 Ferry Unit hit an obstruction on the ground at Pershore.

18/09/1944 Oxford N4847 of 18 PAFU crashed in a turn on a night approach to Snitterfield. Fate of crew unknown.

23/09/1944 Albemarle P1435 296 Squadron overshot landing at Long Marston, while towing Horsa HG936. Albemarle pilot F/O A S Baglawe, Canadian and Horsa pilot Captain Tallentine were unhurt.

26/09/1944 Wellington MF516 of 24 OTU crashed at Honeybourne when the fuel tanks were switched over incorrectly. F/O J G Clothier RCAF, F/Lt Board, P/O Gillies and Sgt Kidston were unhurt. Sgt Matthews and Sgt Badstead were injured. F/O Clothier joined 432 Squadron and his Halifax, RG475, was shot down by coastal defences at Walton-on-the-Naze on 05/03/1945, with the loss of all eight crew.

02/10/1944 B-17 42-97227 of 326 Bomb Squadron, 92 Bomb Group was abandoned after a collision while getting into formation for a raid and crashed at Hampton Lucy. Pilot 2/Lt Robert E Fisher, 2/Lt Dustin P Ordway, 2/Lt William Gustafik Jr, 2/Lt John B Brown, Sgt Cooley E Miller, Sgt John Clear Jr, Sgt Oris W Gassaway, Sgt Jack W Brunett and Sgt Jack M Massman were all safe.

03/10/1944 Spitfire PA942 of 34 WSU ran out of fuel and force landed at Eckington. The pilot was slightly injured, name not traced.

04/10/1944 Wellington Z1691 of 82 OTU broke up in cumulus cloud and crashed at Mickleton. F/Sgt G Noble RCAF, Sgt Z Wasserman RCAF, F/O R G Campbell RCAF, Sgt G E Opie RCAF, F/Sgt G A MacLeod RCAF and F/Sgt F E Thistle RCAF were all killed.

12/10/1944 Wellington LN693 of 21 OTU crashed at Moreton-in-Marsh when the pilot lost control at the end of a cross-country exercise. F/Sgt H J Maddaliua RAAF (or H G Maddalena RAAF), Sgt F J W Rawlings, Sgt H Allport, F/Sgt D V White RAAF, Sgt J E Peck and Sgt R A Dowling were all killed.

13/10/1944 Wellington NC650 of 24 OTU crashed at Honeybourne, possibly after engine failure. F/Sgt A R Wilde RCAF, Sgt C C W Woodford RCAF, F/O R D Matthew, Sgt H H Cleghorne RCAF and Sgt S W Wells RCAF were all killed. Miraculously, Sgt Hannon RCAF was practically unhurt.

14/10/1944 Halifax MZ920 of 434 Squadron crashed at Church Lawford after catching fire in the air. Pilot F/Sgt D T Wood RCAF, navigator F/O W R Ewing RCAF, mid upper gunner Sgt O Parsons RCAF, rear gunner Sgt D M Ward RCAF and flight engineer Sgt G D Grant were killed. The bomb aimer F/O W Stirling RCAF and the wireless operator F/Sgt O Stamtis RCAF baled out and survived.

14/10/1944 Oxford DF403 of Signals Flying Unit lost power while overshooting at Honiley and bellylanded. Names of crew not traced.

15/10/1944 Oxford EB727 of 18 PAFU swung on landing at Snitterfield and was damaged beyond repair. Names of crew not traced.

15/10/1944 Wellington BK466 of 16 OTU collided with a tree on approach to Barford St John after a double engine failure. F/Sgt H H Candles was injured.

17/10/1944 Wellington X3879 of 29 OTU crashed while force-landing at Bitteswell, following engine failure. F/Sgt J L Thomson RAAF and his crew were unhurt.

18/10/1944 Tiger Moth DE625 of RAF Doncaster dived into the ground at Willersley after control failure. P/O P R Jones and F/O Millet were both killed.

19/10/1944 Halifax MZ697 of 1658 HCU was on a night navigational exercise when the autopilot failed and over-stressed the airframe. The pilot landed at Pershore, where the aircraft was struck off charge as damaged beyond repair.

19/10/1944 Tiger Moth R4901 of RAF Defford was damaged beyond repair on this date. Nothing further known.

20/10/1944 Oxford PG991 of 18 PAFU flew into high ground at Wynds Point. F/Sgt C P Lawrence was killed.

23/10/1944 Halifax NA509 of 420 Squadron overshot Wellesbourne airfield with a full bomb load on board. Pilot F/O S Young and crew were unhurt.

03/11/1944 Wellington LN847 of 21 OTU swung on take off from Moreton-in-Marsh and the undercarriage was raised to stop. F/O J V Evans RNZAF and F/Sgt J R Carroll RAAF were unhurt.

04/11/1944 Wellington HE806 of 12 OTU crashed on approach to Chipping Warden when an engine failed. F/Lt T Dudding RNZAF and F/O D F Law were both unhurt. Only the previous day, F/Sgt Wales had had to make a single engine landing in the same aircraft. F/O Law was killed on 03/03/1945.

05/11/1944 Wellington LP460 of 12 OTU undershot a single engine landing landing at Edgehill and burnt out. Sgt R G Hann and the rest of the crew were unhurt.

07/11/1944 Wellington BJ584 of 12 OTU caught fire in a hangar at Edgehill and was burned out. No casualties.

14/11/1944 Anson NK529 of 48 Squadron skidded on wet grass and hit a fence at Bramcote.

17/11/1944 Wellington LP355 FB-S of 24 OTU flew into HT cables and crashed at Childswickham shortly after take off. F/Sgt J D Spence RCAF, F/Sgt R L Melville RCAF, W/O W H Cyples RCAF and Sgt H A Stock RCAF were all killed.

20/11/1944 Oxford ED201 of 18 PAFU overshot while landing at Church Lawford in rain. Names of crew not traced.

20/11/1944 Wellington LN460 of 22 OTU caught fire in the air and the pilot ordered the crew to bale out. Only three of them managed to do so before the aircraft exploded in the air and crashed at Aston Somerville. P/O D McC Roy RCAF, Sgt F Knowles RCAF and Sgt A A Cameron RCAF were killed.

20/11/1944 Wellington MF505 of 22 OTU overshot at Wellesbourne Mountford with a failing engine. P/O J W Nezan RCAF and his crew were unhurt.

25/11/1944 Oxford LX169 of 15 PAFU flew into Bredon Hill in bad weather. Australian pilot F/Sgt C B Swiney was killed.

25/11/1944 Wellington LN242 of 12 OTU suffered an engine failure on take off and crashed into Manor Farm, Upper Boddington. Very sadly, the wing of the house that took the full force had been rented by LAC Roy Tester and although he was on duty at the airfield, his wife and family were inside. Mrs E M Tester and her children C Tester and M Tester aged 3 and 2 died in the house. The owner, Mr S H Brooks managed to save himself, his wife and daughter. In the Wellington, Sgt R M High, F/Sgt A D Springett, Sgt E F Isterling, F/O G Smith, Sgt J Heap, Sgt J R Robinson and Sgt J C Carlyle were all killed.

03/12/1944 Mosquito PZ256 of 1 Ferry Unit struck a sodium flare while taxying, at Pershore, which severed the tail. Pilot F/Lt Gorner was OK.

07/12/1944 Wellington LP876 of 24 OTU crashed at Mickleton four minutes after take off, probably because the pitot head iced up in a snow shower. F/O S E Leppert RCAF, F/O F C Bull RCAF, Sgt G L Warthe RCAF, Sgt J L Rheaume RCAF and Sgt S E Cross RCAF were all killed.

08/12/1944 Wellington LN845 –C of 11 OTU overshot a forced landing at RAF Stratford and ran onto the railway at the end of the runway. The aircraft was only lightly damaged until it was hit by a locomotive! F/Sgt C R Wagstaffe RNZAF and his crew were unhurt.

09/12/1944 Wellington BJ782 of 21 OTU crashed at Adderbury following engine failure. F/Sgt J A Hay RAAF, Sgt A Barker, Sgt J H Bell, Sgt R G Clements and Sgt W Robinson were killed. Sgt W H Donaldson survived with shock and attempted to save other members of the crew.

12/12/1944 Oxford V3901 of 18 PAFU struck pylons on the radio station near Rugby and crashed at Lower Catesby. Instructor F/Sgt P G Cocklin and New Zealand pupil F/Sgt W J Penny were both killed.

12/12/1944 Wellington X3459 of 12 OTU crashed on approach to Edgehill. Rhodesian pilot, Sgt H Maunsell was injured.

16/12/1944 Lancaster NG435 newly-built by Armstrong Whitworth, crashed at Long Marston during a test flight. Pilot S/Ldr Mace and civilian fitter Mr Percy Morgan were both killed.

18/12/1944 Wellington NC494 of 22 OTU crashed at Chipping Warden on a navigational exercise. F/Lt W F Scott AFM RCAF, F/Lt P A C Maeder RCAF, F/O G E B Forbes RCAF, Sgt C E Anderson RCAF, Sgt S S Galvin RCAF and Sgt J C Smart RCAF were all killed.

23/12/1944 B-17 43-38812 749 Bomb Squadron, 457th Bomb Group had diverted to Portreath on 19/12/44 following a raid on Koblenz and was returning to its base at Glatton when it flew into high ground at Great Rollright. Pilot 2/Lt Clifford Hendrickson, co-pilot 2/Lt Walter Graves, navigator F/O Joseph L Kilmer, bombardier F/O David E Williams, engineer Sgt George H Bruer, radio operator Sgt Robert H Riendel, gunner Sgt George B Hawley and gunner Sgt Edmund T Fitzgerald were all killed. Only gunner Sgt Clifford T Heinrich survived, albeit badly injured.

31/12/1944 Oxford ED196 of 18 PAFU overturned while force landing at Alvechurch. Names of crew not traced.

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