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Military aircraft crashes in the south west Midlands - 1943

Details of the crashes and the names of the aircrew involved appear on this page. Please contact us if you are related to somebody on the list, or know of a photograph of them. If original photographs or papers are still in the family, we can help to caption photographs and explain the codes and nicknames that were used at the time. We appreciate the opportunity to copy original material for the museum's archive.

The Midland Aircraft Recovery Group has found the sites of many of the crashes, but we are still looking for a significant number, so we'd like to hear from anyone who can pinpoint a crash that we've listed. We are always looking for photographs, log books and anecdotes relevant to the units based in the Midlands.

The details below are have been compiled from numerous sources of information in the public domain over many years. We've done our best, but errors are inevitable. Please contact us if you have more accurate information on any of the crashes or people listed, or can add the names of crew that we haven't traced. Thank you.

03/01/1943 Beaufort L9837 of 301 Ferry Training Unit crashed on landing at Moreton-in-Marsh and burnt out.  The fate of its crew has not been traced.

03/01/1943 Whitley EB389 of 24 OTU exploded while on a bombing exercise and crashed at Cherington.  Sgt A Little, P/O R P Mason, Sgt K J Fielding, Sgt D Bell and Sgt J Davidson were all killed.

04/01/1943 Wellington HF685 of 22 OTU stalled on take off and crashed at Gaydon.  Sgt V W Richards and his crew were unhurt.

04/01/1943 Wellington HF751 of 22 OTU crash landed at Gaydon with propeller failure.  F/O E C Badcoe and P/O M H J Hammill were unhurt.  P/O Hammill went on to 408 Squadron and was taken POW after Halifax JB931 was shot down on 14/05/1943.

13/01/1943 Wellington X3338 JP-P of 12 OTU crashed near Chipping Warden after an engine failure.  S/Ldr D M Foreman DFC, Sgt G Campain, P/O D W Jepp, Sgt B Sober and Sgt W H Nott were killed.  The rear gunner, Sgt J G Arnold, was injured.

15/01/1943 Beaufighter X7944 of 96 Squadron forcelanded and burnt out at Balsall Common following engine failure.  Pilot F/O R G Woodman and observer Sgt A Witt were both unhurt.

15/01/1943 Oxford BG168 of 18 PAFU collided with EB809 from the same unit, at Church Lawford.  Both aircraft crashed.  Instructor Sgt W Badger RAAF and pupil Sgt R J Haag RCAF were killed in BG168.  In EB809, Instructor Sgt W J Wonnacott RAAF and pupil Sgt A W Paynter RCAF were both seriously injured.

15/01/1943 Wellington BJ763 of 16 OTU crash landed at Aynho following engine failure.  P/O J C Boodrie and Sgt R E Keene were killed.

15/01/1943 Wellington X3964 of 23 OTU overshot after an engine failure and crashed at Pershore.  Sgt J A Hawkwood, Sgt W E Barr RCAF, Sgt J H Robson (or Robinson) and F/Sgt W J Duplin RCAF were all killed.  Their funeral services were held at Pershore, along with the funeral of P/O A M H Gain RCAF, who was killed in a crash in Staffordshire on the same day (see the listing for crashes in the north west Midlands).

25/01/1943 Wellington HF735 of 22 OTU overshot landing at Wellesbourne Mountford.  Sgt J A Mason and his crew were unhurt.

29/01/1943 Wellington BK503 of 23 OTU crashed in forced landing on the Worcester-Cheltenham road at Earle's Croome after engine failure.  P/O G G Weston RCAF and Sgt J A Auclair RCAF were killed.  P/O M A Clancey, Sgt C W Wyer and P/O W C Coleman RCAF were injured.  P/O Coleman went on to fly with 419 Squadron.

29/01/1943 Wellington HF650 of 22 OTU stalled and crashed at Edgehill.  F/Sgt J L McConnell RCAF, P/O McL Tew RCAF, F/Sgt G L Hall RCAF, F/Sgt W E Douglas RCAF and F/Sgt W A Boundy RCAF were all killed.

31/01/1943 Auster LB346 of 654 Squadron was blown away in a gale at Southam and damaged beyond repair.

01/02/1943 Wellington HF646 of 22 OTU overshot and caught fire at Wellesbourne Mountford.  Sgt R E Todd RCAF and his crew were unhurt.  Sgt Todd was from Colorado Springs, USA.  He was posted to 426 Squadron and failed to return from Bochum on 29/03/1943, when Wellington BJ762 was shot down by a night fighter.

08/02/1943 Boston W8380 of 418 Squadron hit a tree at Bevington.  Sgt L V Jackson, Sgt A J Adams, LAC C H E Ross and LAC B Kapusta all killed.

08/02/1943 Newly-built Stirling BK660 was on a test flight from Elmdon, with the elevators locked externally.  It climbed away steeply, stalled and crashed just outside the aerodrome boundary.  Test pilot D Cotton and flight engineer Mr F D Newman were both unhurt.

09/02/1943 Wellington BK256 of 23 OTU crashed at Fladbury when an engine cut on approach.  F/Sgt G McI Johnston RCAF, Sgt R J Stone and Sgt J R Auchambault RCAF were all injured.  Sgt J S Armstrong RCAF and Sgt J G McPherson were unhurt.  Sgt J R Auchambault RCAF was subsequently lost on 21-22/06/1943, raiding Krefeld with 408 Squadron and F/Sgt Johnson was a casualty of the Peenemunde raid on 17-18/08/1943, flying with 434 Squadron.

11/02/1943 Beaufighter X7928 of 96 Squadron burned out after landing at Honiley after it starboard engine failed.  Pilot Sgt H K Pugsley RAAF and his observer were unhurt.

11/02/1943 Wellington HZ109 of 22 OTU burnt out in a hangar at Wellesbourne Mountford.  There were no injuries.

13/02/1943 P-38, serial unknown, of the 83rd Fighter Squadron, 78th Fighter Group was in collision with a second P-38, serial 41-2907, near Kenilworth.  The squadron was flying in formation to Portreath and on to Africa.  2nd Lt W E Winans survived the crash of his aircraft, at an unknown location, while 2nd Lt W K Teare successfully landed 41-2907 at Honiley.  More details on this incident would be appreciated.

13/02/1943 Wellington HF759 of 22 OTU had a flap pin snap when attempting to overshoot, then stalled and crashed at Charlecote.  P/O M S Jacobs RCAF, W/O L S Carpenter RCAF, W/O G A Molozzi RCAF, F/Sgt L W Fleming, Sgt R C H Boulton RCAF, P/O S H Amys RCAF, Sgt J G Campbell RCAF and Sgt R Kennedy RCAF were all killed.

19/02/1943 Tiger Moth N9516 of 22 EFTS hit trees at Inkberrow.  F/O G Shadforth and Sgt S B Gray RCAF were unhurt.

20/02/1943 Blenheim L4839 of Telecommunications Flying Unit had its undercarriage collapse on take off at Defford. Pilot F/O Ramsey was unhurt.

24/02/1943 Wellington DF564 DD-V of 22 OTU crash landed at Gaydon after instrument failure.  Sgt A E Hatch and his crew were unhurt.  Sgt Hatch went on to fly with 428 Squadron and failed to return from Duisburg on 12-13th May 1943.

26/02/1943 Spitfire X4918 of the Telecommunications Flying Unit collided with Tiger Moth N9384 of 2 EFTS at Pirton.  Sgt G Lock was killed in the Spitfire.  Sgt J C McPherson RAAF baled out of the Tiger Moth and was only slightly hurt.

28/02/43 Anson N5143 of 3 OAFU forced landed at Bishops Frome, Worcs. The aircraft’s starboard engine failed followed by the port. The aircraft was belly landed in a field and damaged beyond repair.

28/02/1943 Boston AH515 of Telecommunications Flying Unit swung on landing at Defford and its undercarriage collapsed.  Pilot A G Sheffield was unhurt. 

28/02/1943 Oxford R6390 of 7 AACU hit trees and a bridge while attempting to force land on the Nuneaton to Coventry road.  Polish pilot P/O P Gieplinski and an ATC cadet, William David Troup, aged 15, were both killed.  A second ATC cadet was injured.

01/03/1943 Wellington HE484 of 23 OTU suffered and engine failure and a hydraulic failure, so the crew baled out, leaving the aircraft to crash at Priors Marston.  P/O E Harrison RCAF and his crew were unhurt.

01/03/1943 Wellington HF674 LT-F of 22 OTU force landed at Gaydon with a double engine failure.  Sgt P L J Logan RCAF, Sgt J J March RCAF, Sgt R W Swindle and Sgt A W Klaver RCAF were all injured.

02/03/1943 Anson EF936 of 3 OAFU hit trees at Earle's Common while on a low level navigational exercise.  The pilot Sgt Corri W Rusling, LAC Noel W Mitchell, LAC James B Mole and Sgt Roy D Saywell were all killed. 

05/03/1943 Wellington BK433 of 12 OTU stalled and spun in at Chipping Warden.  Sgt R V Moss, Sgt A Witton, Sgt D W Alexander and Sgt G J Gates were killed.  Sgt Napier was injured.

05/03/1943 Wellington R1601 of 21 OTU crashed on landing at Honiley.  Sgt B Job and his crew were unhurt.

09/03/1943 Lysander P1668 of 12 OTU crashed in forced landing at Chipping Warden.  F/Sgt Grant and LAC Devine were OK.

11/03/1943 Oxford DF243 of 6 PAFU struck a hut while taking off at Honiley.  Instructor Sgt Canning and pupil P/O B Arden were both unhurt.

12/03/1943 Oxford V3224 of 6 PAFU crashed in a forced landing near Blockley.  Sgt B A Way and Sgt H L Shaw RCAF were both injured.

13/03/1943 Wellington BK346 of 23 OTU crashed on overshoot at RAF Stratford.  Sgt C W Jackson RCAF, Sgt H Bilhorn RCAF, Sgt A McDonald RCAF and Sgt K T Alan were unhurt and Sgt J Thompson was slightly injured.

15/03/1943 Wellington DF567 LT-K of 22 OTU stalled and crashed at Gaydon.  Sgt J S McLeod RCAF and his crew were unhurt.

16/03/1943 Whitley AD676 of 24 OTU swung on take off from Long Marston and the undercarriage collapsed.  Sgt A F Evans was unhurt.

20/03/1943 Beaufighter X8004 of 406 Squadron swung on landing and the undercarriage collapsed at Defford.  Pilot Sgt R B Robertson and civilian scientist Mr Willson were both unhurt.

22/03/1943 Tiger Moth R5203 of 2 EFTS dived into the ground at Moreton-in-Marsh.  Pilot Sgt F Barber RAAF and navigator Sgt O C Dunn RCAF were killed.

26/03/1943 Oxford ED198 of 18 PAFU lost height after take off from Church Lawford, crashed and burned at Wolston Heath.  The pilot Lt Feuvrier, Free French Air Force, was rescued but was injured.

04/04/1943 Beaufighter X7959 of 96 Squadron was skillfully force landed at Chadwick End after taking off from Honiley with its controls reversed; burnt out.  Pilot F/Lt P W M Mallorie was unhurt, but observer P/O J M Hallett was seriously injured.

11/04/1943 Wellington HE422 of 420 Squadron was returning from a raid on Frankfurt when the crew got lost and finally baled out near Tenby in Pembrokeshire.  The Wellington re-crossed the country on autopilot and finally ran out of fuel and crashed at Burmington, having covered another 150 miles.  Sgt H B Elhorn RCAF, Sgt A H MacDonald RCAF, Sgt J T Kydd and Sgt K T Allan RCAF all survived.  Sadly, the pilot P/O C W Jackson RCAF landed in the sea and drowned.

12/04/1943 Oxford EB750 of 6 PAFU dived into the ground at Chantry Heath near Kenilworth.  Pilot Sgt A B Lewis was killed.

21/04/1943 Wellington DV936 of 15 OTU crashed at Wychbold when an engine caught fire, leading to failure of the wing.  F/Sgt D E Hamlyn, Sgt H M Holmes, Sgt A C Page, Sgt L F Short, Sgt G E Boyes RAAF, P/O N G Woodward and Sgt W P Hoare were all killed.

24/04/1943 Wellington HE206 of 23 OTU burnt out after the undercarriage collapsed on landing at RAF Stratford.  P/O R Henston, W/O C Halford, Sgt A Holson and Sgt E James all received burns.  Sgt G Williams, Sgt J Koivu, Sgt J Doyle and Sgt K Pulman escaped without serious injuries.

26/04/1943 Tiger Moth N5466 of 2 EFTS broke up in the air at Earle's Court, Worcester. The pilot Sgt R Henderson successfully abandoned the wreckage, but the navigator Sgt A B Hicklin was killed.

03/05/1943 Whitley BD219 of 24 OTU stalled and hit a tree at Long Marston.  The pilot Sgt M Harker was killed and two members of the crew were injured.

04/05/1943 Wellington HE217 of 22 OTU stalled and crashed at Wellesbourne Mountford.  F/Sgt J W Freeman RCAF, F/Sgt K C Bourne RCAF, Sgt E H Park RCAF, Sgt C R Blenkhorn RCAF, Sgt K Hodgson RCAF and F/Sgt A W Klauer RCAF were all killed.  Sgt Park was from Tennessee, USA.

05/05/1943 Anson DG985 of 21 OTU hit a hill while descending through cloud at Bourton.  F/Sgt Sidney Alfred Payne, F/Sgt Stanley Ryder Mosey, F/O Williams Thomas McCormack RAAF, P/O Albert Reginald Fox, Sgt Lionel Frederick Evans and Sgt Wilfred James Shirley were all killed.

05/05/1943 Wellington HF630 22 OTU crashed at Mickleton following engine failure.  Sgt A A F Hall RCAF, Sgt J E L Burgess RCAF, Sgt R F Santo RCAF and  P/O J Cherkinsky were all killed.  Sgt G E Foster RCAF was injured.

05/05/1943 Wellington R1242 of 21 OTU flew into high ground at Bourton-on-the-Hill while overshooting.  Sgt R J Miller RAAF was killed.  3 members of the crew were injured.

11/05/1943 Whitley EB353 of 24 OTU struck at tree at Ilmington.  The pilot, Sgt L P Patterson was thrown clear and survived, but Sgt F Harold and P/O T B Curry were killed.

12/05/1943 Wellington HE218 of 22 OTU crashed at Compton Verney after an engine failed.  W/O M J Kerby RCAF, W/O D E Elliott RCAF, Sgt J Piket RCAF and Sgt J H Collett RCAF were all killed.

14/05/1943 Boston AH495 of Telecommunications Flying Unit was damaged beyond repair, when it was force-landed out of fuel at Strensham. W/Cdr A E Saunders was unhurt.

14/05/1943 Wellington T2562 of 21 OTU caught fire in the air after a photo flash exploded; the pilot force landed at Wormleighton, where the aircraft burnt out.  F/Sgt K P Rogers RNZAF and his crew were unhurt.

15/05/1943 Master N7843 of 5 PAFU force landed at Redhall and overturned.  Pilot P/O S T George RCAF was unhurt.

16/05/1943 Oxford R9983 of 15 PAFU crashed on take off at Worcester.  Sgt W A Stimpson and Sgt D O Clindeming RAAF were unhurt.

16/05/1943 Wellington BK154 of 16 OTU had its undercarriage collapse on landing at Barford St John.  Sgt E Mearis and his crew were unhurt.

22/05/1943 Master W9029 of 12 Ferry Pilots Pool lost its propeller and hit a house at Littleworth.  Pilot Second Officer Mary Nicolson, American, was killed.

26/05/1943 Whitley LA845 of 24 OTU crashed at Willersley after an engine failed on take off.  The pilot, Sgt W A McConnell was killed and all the rest of the crew were injured.

29/05/1943 Oxford ED199 of 18 PAFU crashed on overshoot, at Wolston.  Pilot Sgt S Rosenstein RCAF was killed.

29/05/1943 Tiger Moth R4921 of 9 EFTS crashed near Ansty after engine failure.  F/O J D Telfer was unhurt and LAC E A Thwaites was injured.

29/05/1943 Wellington X3704 of 23 OTU lost a wing during a Wings for Victory fly-past over the town of Pershore.  The American pilot, F/O G S Hynam DFC RCAF, from Akron Ohio had gained his DFC with 420 Squadron.  He was killed, along with Sgt P E Zoeller, Cpl H Allam, AC2 G R Band and AC2 W A Gravell.  On the ground, civillian Mrs V H (or L N or O M) Berry was injured.

02/06/1943 Whitley Z6639 of 24 OTU flew into Broadway Hill in poor visibility.  F/Sgt H G Hagen RCAF, F/Sgt R S Phillips, F/Sgt D H Kelly RCAF, Sgt D A Marriott and Sgt G E Ekins were all killed.

03/06/1943 Wellington T2569 of 21 OTU crashed on take off at Moreton-in-Marsh when an engine failed.  Sgt S N Heyes and three other crew were injured.

11/06/1943 Wellington HF813 of 22 OTU crashed at Wellesbourne after an engine failure.  F/O E J K LeClaire RCAF and Sgt J T K Anderson were killed.  Sgt Larson survived.

16/06/1943 Wellington Z1721 of 12 OTU caught fire and crashed at Compton Wynyates.  F/Sgt H P Griffith RAAF, P/O T W Adam RCAF, F/O G B Booth RCAF (from Van Buren, Ohio, USA), Sgt F J Welsby and Sgt K E Troake were all killed.

20/06/1943 Whitley EB349 of 24 OTU crashed on landing at Long Marston.  P/O J M Brown RCAF was killed and Sgt A J Loman was injured.

23/06/1943 Tiger Moth BB794 of 9 EFTS crashed on take off from Southam.  Names of crew not traced.

24/06/1943 Anson DJ406 of 17 SFTS crashed in forced landing at Walton; names of crew not traced.

24/06/1943 Tiger Moth N9154 of 14 EFTS hit a beacon light when taking off from Elmdon.  Sgt Cook and D Creabs were unhurt.

25/06/1943 Wellington X3658 –F of 12 OTU crash-landed at Lower Boddington following engine failure.  F/Sgt T H German and his crew were unhurt.

25/06/1943 Beaufighter V8397 of 414 Night Fighter Squadron USAAF ran into a ditch and broke its undercarriage on landing at Honiley when the brakes failed. Pilot Theodore A Deakyne and radar operator Paul E Cahill were both unhurt but the aircraft was damaged beyond repair. This aircraft had had a landing accident on 8 June, when pilot Arthur M Buchannan was unhurt. 

26/06/1943 B-24 42-63762 Hells Express of 409 Bomb Squadron, 93rd Bomb Group crashed at Little Compton.  This incident escaped the normal records but new information reveals that the aircraft suffered a double engine failure when flying from Hardwick to Portreath.  The pilot attempted to force-land amongst the hills.  It was joining the remaining B-24s in England to fly to North Africa for the famous Ploesti raid, having been delayed for a day.  The pilot Lt John Watts Pryor, co-pilot 2/Lt Charles L Porterfield, navigator 2/Lt Harley C Shively, bombardier 2/Lt Jack F Wardell,  engineer T/Sgt Raymond P Cathcart, assistant radio operator Sgt Edward H Dick, M/Sgt John Lotito, S/Sgt George L Parsons and S/Sgt Harold M Lane were all killed.  Radio operator T/Sgt George H Bassette, assistant engineer T/Sgt Arthur W Prouty, tail gunner Sgt Frank H Wolfe, M/Sgt Farlan D Glover and Sgt Sterling E Carper were injured, but Farlan Glover died of his injuries the following day.  Shively and Wardell are buried at Madingley cemetery. 

28/06/1943 Wellington HF643 DD-L of 22 OTU made a precautionary landing at Long Marston following an engine failure at night, but hit and destroyed Whitleys EB350 and EB352 of 24 OTU which were parked at the dispersals. The Wellington then caught fire.  F/Sgt F E Gladwin RCAF, F/O P D Lidster RCAF, F/Sgt W G Mitchell RCAF and Sgt W R Barclay RCAF were all killed.  Wireless operator Sgt Leonard Hirst RAFVR managed to escape the wreckage but was hospitalised for the rest of the war.  Fortunately the Whitleys were unoccupied.

29/06/1943 Wellington Z1668 of 29 OTU force landed at Bitteswell after engine failure.  Sgt A G Johnson and his crew were unhurt.

30/06/1943 Oxford V4134 of 1513 BAT Flight crashed into a slag heap near Bedworth.  Instructor Sgt N Bosworth and pupil Sgt H G Sanders were both killed.

02/07/1943 Oxford MP281 of 6 PAFU crashed near the guardroom at Moreton-in-Marsh.  Sgt K B Astall was killed.

02/07/1943 Wellington BK437 of 29 OTU crashed at Wellesbourne Mountford in poor visibility when being diverted.  P/O N Harland, Sgt A C Croft, Sgt J H Elliott RCAF, Sgt E P Shorter RAAF and Sgt F C Butler were all injured.  One of the crew is believed to have died at the scene, possibly Sgt Elliott or Sgt Shorter.

02/07/1943 Wellington X3366 of 23 OTU crashed on take off at RAF Stratford, due to a burst tyre.  F/O J H Emmerson AFM, P/O J G White RCAF, Sgt N L Reed and Sgt F P Sharp were unhurt, while Sgt R F Alexander was injured.

02/07/1943 Wellington X3801 of 22 OTU crashed into high ground at Ettington in poor visibility.  Sgt W R Willard RCAF, F/Sgt J H G Kirby, F/O D Lister and Sgt C F Rivers were killed.  One crew member is believed to have survived, but his name has not been traced.

04/07/1943 Oxford DF300 of 18 PAFU caught fire in the air, so the pilot abandoned it at Woolscott.  Sgt R K De Marsch RCAF was unhurt.

06/07/1943 Wellington HF629 of 22 OTU had an engine fail on take off from Gaydon; undercarriage raised to stop.  Sgt J L Sills RCAF and his crew were unhurt.  Sgt Sills joined 424 Squadron at Kairouan and failed to return in Wellington HE492 on 06/09/1943.  He is buried in Salerno War Cemetery, Italy.

07/07/1943 Wellington BK197 of 29 OTU crashed when force landing at Dunchurch following a double engine failure.  Sgt F J Austen and his crew were unhurt.

13/07/1943 Oxford DF329 of 18 PAFU stalled and went into a flat spin at Ufton.  Pilot Sgt N L Glynn RCAF and navigator Sgt R D Peters were both killed, while AC1 Williams was seriously injured.

13/07/1943 Wellington Z1743 of 16 OTU crashed attempting to force land at Alveley with engine failure.  F/O D F McLaughlin RAAF was unhurt, F/O R J Martin was killed and two other crew members were injured.

15/07/1943 Wellington HF812 of 22 OTU crash landed at Southam with a failed engine.  Instructor W/O W S Pullar RCAF, pilot Sgt A B Wilson RCAF, Sgt L G Riley RCAF, Sgt D M Gourlay RCAF, Sgt J N MacDonald RCAF and Sgt T Rennie RCAF were unhurt.

15/07/1943 Wellington X3453 of 23 OTU caught fire at Pershore after force-landing with an engine failure.  P/O A J Van Rassel RCAF and Sgt G W Howard RCAF were both unhurt.

16/07/1943 Hudson FK571 of Telecommunications Flying Unit spun into the ground after a double engine failure at Ashton-under-Hill.  Pilot P/O A J Slaughter RAAF and passenger S/Ldr J A Meade DFC were both killed.

16/07/1943 Whitley BD550 of HGCU had an engine failure while towing a Horsa.  The glider was cast off and landed safely; the Whitley struck trees at Pershore while overshooting.  The pilot F/Sgt G R Baker and crew member Cpl Mitchell were only slightly injured.  The Horsa crew, Sgt A L Scott and Sgt C B Moilliet were also unhurt.

19/07/1943 Wellington HE480 22 OTU crashed on take off from Wellesbourne Mountford, probably due to engine failure.  F/O G Grose RCAF, Sgt K L Richmond RCAF and Sgt D M Wilkinson were all killed.

20/07/1943 Anson DJ242 of 24 OTU undershot landing at Honeybourne.  Pilot P/O K F Smith was slightly injured.

23/07/1943 Whitley Z9167 of 24 OTU flew into Scar Bank at Wasperton.  The 5 crew were all killed: F/O A M Shalless RAAF, Sgt S H Carter, P/O G H Smith, Sgt B Lillyman, Sgt W C Bull.

24/07/1943 P-38 serial 42-127781 of 13 PR Squadron was doing an exercise with a Mosquito when it disintegrated and crashed at Haseley.  Captain T B O’Bannon was killed.

30/07/1943 Oxford V3744 of 410 Squadron was on a navigational flight when it dived into the ground at Wroxhall.  F/Lt E A Murray RCAF of Stellarton, Novia Scotia and F/O P Littlewood RCAF of Saanichton, Victoria Island were both killed. They had been posted to 410 Squadron from 406 Squadron, where they had destroyed one enemy aircraft and shared in the destruction of another on a recent intruder sortie.

30/07/1943 Wellington DV888 of 21 OTU crashed on take off from Moreton-in-Marsh following engine failure.  Sgt N F Westhoff RAAF and his crew were unhurt.  Sgt Westhoff died on 26/01/1944, serving with 22 Ferry Control in India.

31/07/1943 Tomahawk AH746 of 1681 Flight crashed in a forced landing near Pershore.  Pilot Sgt P Leslie RCAF was unhurt.

31/07/1943 Wellington BJ581 of 23 OTU crashed at Packwood while low flying.  Pilot F/O J T Gilbert, Vickers representative Mr H G Maxton and his secretary Miss G R Lloyd were all killed.

31/07/1943 Wellington X3997 of 23 OTU was burnt out on the ground at Pershore.  No casualties.

Mid 1943 (date unknown) a P-38 crashed into the runway at RAF Stratford, while the pilot was attempting to demonstrate a loop directly from the take off run.  The ex RCAF pilot was killed.  His name, unit and the aircraft serial have not yet been traced - any further details would be appreciated.

01/08/1943 Whitley N1390 of 24 OTU crashed on take off from Long Marston.  Pilot P/O K O Law RNZAF was injured and Sgt S Smith RCAF was unhurt.  Forty minutes later F/Sgt D A Cass, flying Anson AX479, hit the Whitley’s propeller, which was still lying on the runway.  He was unhurt and the Anson lived to fly again.

02/08/1943 Wellington BK504 of 23 OTU crashed at Drake's Broughton following engine failure.  P/O J D Crayton RCAF, F/O W B Councill RCAF and F/O G R Dixon were injured.  Sixteen year old cadet R N Carter died of his injuries the following day.

03/08/1943 Wellington X3876 of 12 OTU was abandoned at Little Alne following engine failure.  Sgt M G Scollick, Sgt H J H Burtenshaw, Sgt W N Gould RCAF, Sgt G C McPhee RCAF, Sgt W P Crosby and Sgt S D Oakes RCAF were all injured.  Sgt Burtenshaw died of his injuries the following day and Sgt Gould was killed when BK200 crashed on 22/09/1943.

07/08/1943 Wellington HF612 of 22 OTU stalled at Wellesbourne when forcelanding on one engine.  F/Sgt T S Hayes, Sgt W G Hill RCAF, P/O P M Hetherington RCAF, Sgt B Bradshaw and Sgt D M Martin RCAF were all killed.

12/08/1943 Typhoon JP377 of Glosters was on an endurance test flight when the engine failed.  It crashed while force-landing at Birtsmorton.  Sgt W Berry, a Ministry of Aircraft Production approved test pilot, suffered slight burns.

15/08/1943 Tomahawk AH776 of 1681Flight suffered a collapsed undercarriage when landing at Pershore.  Sgt P West was unhurt.

16/08/1943 Wellington BK550 of 29 OTU overshot landing at Bitteswell.  Sgt N P Holmes and his crew were unhurt.

17/08/1943 Wellington Z1678 of 16 OTU caught fire on the ground at Barford St John and burnt out.  There were no casualties.

18/08/1943 Wellington X3424 of 23 OTU crashed on take off from Pershore.  P/O F M Potter and P/O H D Paddison RCAF were unhurt.

27/08/1943 Whitley BD207 of 24 OTU crashed in forced landing at Upper Tysoe.  Sgt R M McKay RCAF and crew were unhurt.

28/08/1943 Oxford N4733 of 18 PAFU dived into the ground at Wythall.  Pilot Sgt R K Matthews RAAF was killed.

31/08/1943 Wellington HE556 of 22 OTU hit HT cables and crashed at Honeybourne.  Sgt C A Larson RCAF and Sgt M Minett RCAF were both injured.  Sgt Minett’s 419 Squadron Halifax failed to return from Kiel bay on 26th February 1944.

04/09/1943 Wellington HF683 of 22 OTU swung on take off and crashed at Gaydon.  Sgt J G Stinson RCAF and his crew were unhurt.

04/09/1943 Wellington Z1739 of 23 OTU went through the boundary hedge at Pershore after an engine failure.  Sgt W R Stewart RCAF, P/O J C Hall RCAF and F/Sgt W H Wardell RCAF were unhurt, while Sgt W R Goodhue RCAF was slightly injured.

06/09/1943 Wellington BK442 of 29 OTU belly landed at  Bitteswell following engine failure.  F/Sgt I C Bertram RAAF and his crew were unhurt.  Sgt Bertram went on to fly with 115 Squadron.

09/09/1943 Wellington DF668 of 16 OTU caught fire in a hangar at Barford St John.  There were no casualties.

11/09/1943 Whitley LA786 of 24 OTU crashed on take off from Long Marston.  The rear gunner, Sgt Cavanagh RCAF was seriously injured.  The pilot, Sgt R V Long RCAF and the rest of the crew were unhurt.

15/09/1943 Master W8766 of 16 PFTS was damaged beyond repair when the pilot retracted the undercarriage while taxying at Defford.

15/09/1943 Tiger Moth N9520 of 2 EFTS collided with Tiger Moth T7214 at Cotheridge.  F/O H L Sheppard, AC2 H K Sayer, F/Sgt J Starr and AC2 MacRae were all unhurt.  T7214 was repaired.

22/09/1943 Wellington BK200 –A of 12 OTU crashed on overshoot at Chipping Warden.  F/Sgt K L Hart RAAF, Sgt W N Gould RCAF, Sgt L Sillito RCAF, Sgt WG Denyer, Sgt K McKenzie and Sgt R Cave were all killed. Sgt Gould had baled out of X3876 on 03/08/1943.

22/09/1943 Wellington X3747 of 12 OTU crashed on overshoot at Byfield.  Sgt R P Giles RAAF and his crew were unhurt.

24/09/1943 Wellington DF634 of 22 OTU overshot at Wellesbourne Mountford after engine failure.  F/Sgt G W Hoborenko RCAF and Sgt R F Guerrier RCAF were unhurt.

24/09/1943 Wellington R1629 of 105 OTU was hit by Wellington R1412 which was landing at Bramcote.  No crew names have been traced.

26/09/1943 Whitley Z9428 of 24 OTU exploded in the air at Stoke Orchard while on a Bullseye exercise.  All of the crew died: F/Sgt G M L’Hommedieu RCAF (from Sea Cliff, New York), Sgt W C Reid RCAF, P/O R H Mellor RCAF, Sgt A V Andrews, Sgt R B Morgan.

01/10/1943 Tomahawk AH941 of 1683 Flight crashed in forced landing at Grandborough.  Sgt D H Nicholas was unhurt.

02/10/1943 Wellington BJ667 of 23 OTU suffered an engine failure while on a special exercise.  The bombs were jettisoned but the undercarriage was not fully lowered when the aircraft came landed at RAF Stratford.  Sgt W R Stewart RCAF and his crew were unhurt.

02/10/1943 Wellington Z1648 of 23 OTU crashed at RAF Stratford following propeller failure.  Sgt F H Partridge RCAF was killed, while F/O J B DeMacedo RCAF died of his injuries the following day.  Sgt J W Dufton RCAF was also injured.

07/10/1943 Wellington HE823 of 23 OTU crashed into an embankment while taking off from RAF Stratford with a full bomb load.  Sgt J G Meilleur RCAF and his crew were unhurt.

09/10/1943 Southam Royal Observer Corps reported a plane down and on fire at Stockton – type not known; details appreciated.

12/10/1943 Halifax JB893 of 1659 Heavy Conversion Unit was abandoned after losing 3 engines and crashed at Lower Brailes.  Pilot Sgt J J Maher RCAF was injured; rear gunner Sgt G H Conron RCAF was still in his turret when the bomber crashed, but survived.  The rest of crew were unhurt, names not traced.

14/10/1943 A B-17 was abandoned over England following the infamous Second Schweinfurt raid and finally came down at Lapworth when it ran out of fuel.  Battle damage could be seen on the tail.  96 Bomb Group led the 3rd Battle Division and to make up 41 aircraft it had to borrow several from other Groups.  42-3347 'Charlene' from 385 Bomb Group, 550 Bomb Squadron, was lent to 96 Bomb Group, 338 Bomb Squadron.  It was flown by pilot 2/Lt Emery R Chesmore, co-pilot Lt John J Chesnut Jr, navigator Lt Arthur J Leedy, bombadier Lt John V Matthews, engineer/ dorsal turret gunner T/Sgt Vincenago Vicalvai, 2nd engineer/ waist gunner T/Sgt James E O'Dell, radio operator S/Sgt Carney Lett, assistant radio operator/ ball turret gunner T/Sgt James F Simpson, armourer/ gunner S/Sgt James E F Collins, tail gunner S/Sgt Earl C Fahl.  The crew were on their second sortie.  Waist gunner Sgt Nicolas Popadyn joined the crew for his first sortie.  96 Bomb Group was attacked by fighters over France on the way back and 3347 was badly damaged.  The whole crew baled out over England.  3347 has been reported crash-landing at Bovingdon out of fuel and this may be a mis-reporting of Rowington near Lapworth.  We still need confirmation 3347 didn't come down near Bovingdon.  This aircraft shouldn't be confused with 42-3447 'Charlene The Bama Queen' assigned to 385 Bomb Group, 550 Bomb Squadron.  2/Lt Chesmore's crew was shot down on 13 December 1943, all becoming prisoners of war.  Sgt Nicolas Popadyn joined Lt Marvin G Leigers' crew, which also included 2/Lt James Keller and  S/Sgts Nick Scott, Sidney Cohen and Bernard P Comey.

17/10/1943 Mosquito DZ345 of Telcommunications Flying Unit flew into high ground at Bredon Hill.  Pilot W/C Blomfield and navigator Cpl Stevenson were both killed.

17/10/1943 Oxfords V4163 and LX195, both of 18 PAFU collided over Westhill.  V4163 crashed killing its pilot P/O D R King.  LX195 got back to Church Lawford and its crew, Sgt A F Rummas (or Lummis) and Sgt B Lakin were unhurt.

17/10/1943 Wellington HF669 of 22 OTU crashed at Wellesbourne Mountford after engine failure.  F/O C P Lundeen RCAF, Sgt E L Heimpel RCAF and Sgt Jarvie RCAF were all injured.

18/10/1943 Whitley EB347 of 24 OTU caught fire while on a bombing exercise and crashed at Armscote.  F/O W J Caulfield RCAF, F/O G Hoopchuk RCAF, F/O J S Spencer RCAF, W/O J G Sherk RCAF and Sgt K Reid were all killed.

20/10/1943 Oxford HN853 of 18 PAFU overshot landing at Snitterfield and the undercarriage collapsed.  The pilot was unhurt; name not traced.

20/10/1943 Wellington Z1717 of 12 OTU crashed at Culworth after over-shooting at Chipping Warden. Sgt Z W C Dekkers, Sgt D A R Colegate, F/O W D Newel RCAF, Sgt K J Gehrmann RAAF and Sgt R Young were all killed.

22/10/1943 Stirling R9249 of 1657 CU hit a tree and rooftops in Aston le Walls when making a three engine landing at Chipping Warden in heavy rain.  Pilot W/O G A Harris RAAF, navigator F/O J W Whitehouse, air bomber Sgt K Riep RCAF, flight engineer Sgt S F Cowcher and air gunner Sgt G T Duane RAAF were all killed.  WO/AG Sgt R A Gausden was seriously injured and air gunner Sgt G P McCalium RAAF escaped with slight shock. At least 3 of the crew had trained at 12 OTU, so may have been returning to a familiar airfield.
27/10/1943 Wellington DF613 of 12 OTU hit the ground on approach to Edgehill.  Sgt O W Ray and his crew were unhurt.

27/10/1943 Wellington HE860 of 12 OTU crashed on take off from Chipping Warden when an engine failed.  F/Sgt T Black and Sgt H Moncrieff RCAF were unhurt.

29/10/1943 Liberator FL987 of Telecommunications Flying Unit suffered an undercarriage collapse when landing at Defford.

29/10/1943 Wellington X3868 of 12 OTU burnt out at its dispersal at Edgehill.  There were no casualties.

02/11/1943 Wellington HZ113 XN-T of 22 OTU overshot with an engine failure and crashed at Loxley.  Sgt W M Bowyer, Sgt A J Taylor and Sgt G W Milne were all seriously injured.  Sgt L E Hance died of his injuries on 03/11/1943.

07/11/1943 Oxford HN845 of 285 Squadron struck a tree at night after engine failure at Honiley.  Sgt R W Patch and Sgt B Hewson were both killed.

07/11/1943 Wellington LN508 BH-U of 300 Squadron took off from Ingham on a mine-laying sortie.  Severe engine problems followed and the crew jettisoned the mines before crash-landing at Southam.  F/Sgt J Drobny, F/Sgt F Dubowski, Sgt S Pszonka, Sgt J Baczak and Sgt S Paetz were all injured.

09/11/1943 Wellington X3932 –P of 23 OTU stalled and crashed at Rowney Green following engine failure.  Sgt C R G Long RCAF (an American from Lomita Park, California), F/O H H Barton BA RCAF, P/O G J Gallagher RCAF, P/O J H Magnes RCAF and Sgt A J O’Neil RCAF were all killed.  There is a memorial to the crew in Rowney Green.

13/11/1943 B-17 42-30821 407 Bomb Squadron, 92nd Bomb Group crashed force landing at Gaydon in bad weather while forming up for an abortive raid on Bremen.  Pilot 2/Lt Hiran T Fisher, co pilot 2/Lt Leo E Dunaway, navigator 2/Lt Donald Cursar, bombardier Henry B Johnson, radio operator 2/LtThomas T Arnold, engineer S/Sgt Donald A Yodkr, gunner S/Sgt Robert W Rhudy, gunner Sgt Edward E Payette, gunner Sgt Edward C Hephily and gunner Sgt Samuel M Aston were all killed.

14/11/1943 Beaufighter R2461 of 63 OTU struck the ground at night after instrument failure at Astwood Bank. Pilot Sgt G J Hopkins and observer Sgt A G Beastall were both killed.

17/11/1943 Oxford V3693 of 18 PAFU dived into the ground near Warwick.  Instructor Sgt G V B Lloyd and pupil P/O J Fenner were both killed.

21/11/1943 Oxford V4086 of 1513 BAT Flight crashed on landing at Bramcote.  Pilot Acting Squadron Leader G Lambert and one other were slightly injured.

22/11/1943 Boston AH522 of Telecommunications Flying Unit overshot landing at Defford and the nosewheel collapsed. Pilot F/O J A Scott and navigator F/O D B Bellis were unhurt.

25/11/1943 Anson N9790 6 OAFU dived into the ground near Abberley.  Sgt G Miles, Sgt Forrest, Sgt Wheeldon, Sgt Dean, Sgt Mills were all killed.

25/11/1943 Oxford L4629 of 6 PAFU crashed in forced landing at Moreton-in-Marsh.  Instructor Sgt J G Berry and pupil Sgt D Hall both survived but Sgt Hall received serious facial lacerations. He underwent two operations at the Queen Victoria Hospital at East Grinstead and became a member of the famous Guinea Pig Club. He later flew Lancasters, possibly from RAF Wickenby and was involved in the Berlin airlift.

25/11/1943 Wellington JA450 of 23 OTU crashed at Wellesbourne Mountford after engine failure.  Sgt R F Morand RCAF, Sgt J J Dubord RCAF, Sgt J J J J Vennes RCAF and Sgt J B Chevalier RCAF were killed.  Sgt T V Gagnon RCAF was injured.

04/12/1943 Oxford HN699 of 1517 BAT Flight suffered an engine failure while on a beam approach to Chipping Warden and crash landed beyond the perimeter track.  Two occupants were slightly injured.

04/12/1943 Whitley AD674 of 24 OTU was forced to land on one wheel at Long Marston, where it swung on to soft ground.  F/O Cresswell, F/O Calder RCAF, P/O Mackeracher RCAF were all unhurt.  This Whitley had had an almost identical incident, almost exactly a year before, with American Sgt D H Reed RCAF in the pilot’s seat.

05/12/1943 Wellington DF739 DD-J of 22 OTU crashed on landing at Gaydon.  Sgt J Koresky and his crew were unhurt.

10/12/1943 Tiger Moth T7240 of 14 EFTS hit a civilian on the perimeter track while taking off from Elmdon.  The civilian, Mr Jones, was killed.  F/Sgt K J Ries and AC2 R W Winterbotham were injured.

11/12/1943 Wellington HE460 of 82 OTU crashed into trees at Snowshill following engine failure.  Sgt W Young was killed.  Sgt H D Domenico RCAF, Sgt W D Howlett RCAF, Sgt E H Maguire RCAF, Sgt J L Barber RCAF and Sgt G E Ryan RCAF were all injured.

11/12/1943 Wellington LN187 of 12 OTU ran out of fuel due to excessive fuel consumption.  The pilot ordered the crew to bale out and three did so before too much height had been lost and the pilot had to crash-land at Chesterton.  Sgt Coyle, Sgt Fuller, Sgt Parker, Sgt L C Harmes and Sgt J Whitehouse were not seriously injured.

11/12/1943 Wellington LN531 of 16 OTU flew into high ground at Little Rollright.  F/Sgt E Leseberg RAAF, Sgt E Harris, Sgt V M Plahte RNAF, Sgt H O Mitchell RCAF, Sgt F Nichols, Sgt B N Redmond RCAF and Sgt J Foote RCAF were all killed.

14/12/1943 Oxford R6108 of 18 PAFU undershot a night landing at Snitterfield.  Pilot Sgt W A (or W O) Phillips RAAF was unhurt.

18/12/1943 Martinet HP383 of 23 OTU forcelanded and overturned at Dormston.  Pilot P/O J H N Brousseau RCAF was unhurt.

23/12/1943 Beaufighter R2394 of 63 OTU swung violently on take off from Honiley and hit stationary Beaufighter T3052. Crew names not traced.

29/12/1943 Beaufighter T3366 of 63 OTU swung on take off at Warwick Reserve Landing Ground; undercarriage retracted to stop; hit obstructions. Crew names not traced.

29/12/1943 Wellington HE366 of 23 OTU crashed at RAF Stratford while attempting to go round again on one engine.  W/O D L Snider and his crew were unhurt.

31/12/1943 Beaufighter JM350 of 254 Squadron failed to level out on landing at Long Marston.  Pilot F/Sgt T Neilson, navigator Sgt C W J Deadman and passenger LAC Cargill were unhurt.

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