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Military aircraft crashes in the south west Midlands - 1942

Details of the crashes and the names of the aircrew involved appear on this page. Please contact us if you are related to somebody on the list, or know of a photograph of them. If original photographs or papers are still in the family, we can help to caption photographs and explain the codes and nicknames that were used at the time. We appreciate the opportunity to copy original material for the museum's archive.

The Midland Aircraft Recovery Group has found the sites of many of the crashes, but we are still looking for a significant number, so we'd like to hear from anyone who can pinpoint a crash that we've listed. We are always looking for photographs, log books and anecdotes relevant to the units based in the Midlands.

The details below are have been compiled from numerous sources of information in the public domain over many years. We've done our best, but errors are inevitable. Please contact us if you have more accurate information on any of the crashes or people listed, or can add the names of crew that we haven't traced. Thank you.

02/01/1942 Tutor K3246 of 2 CFS hit a tree when force landing at Warwick.  F/L R Hawkins and P/O James were injured.

03/01/1942 Wellington T2953 of 23 OTU crashed on approach to Pershore.  P/O R P Hay, Sgt R B Murphy RAAF, Sgt B B Connell RAAF, Sgt J H Marshall and Sgt H K Jones were all killed.

03/01/1942 Wellington X9640 of 22 OTU crashed into a river when landing on one engine at Wellesbourne Mountford.  F/Sgt G M Bigglestone and Sgt H A McLennon RCAF were killed in the crash.  Sgt C T Martin RCAF died of his injuries on 05/01/1942.  Sgt Shoesmith and Sgt Murphy were also injured.

04/01/1942 Oxfords N4766 and R6022 of 2 CFS collided on take off from Church Lawford.  P/O Owczarski and P/O Widawski in N4766 were slightly injured, while F/Sgt Barley was unhurt.

09/01/1942 Tiger Moth N9158 of 14 EFTS spun into the ground at Elmdon.  Names of crew not traced.

09/01/1942 Wellington W5356 of 12 Squadron was returning from an operation to Cherbourg on one engine when it crashed at Wythall.  Sgt D Butterworth, Sgt C E Morrey and Sgt B Franklin were killed in the crash, while P/O W H Burnham RNZAF died of his injuries on 11/01/1942.  Sgt H B Cable and P/O A N Breck were injured.

11/01/1942 Dornier Do 217 F8+IN Wk Nr 1191 of 5./KG 40 was shot down by a 456 Squadron Beaufighter, T3014 from Valley, flown by S/Ldr J S Hamilton and P/O D L Norrice-Smith.  The crew baled out and the aircraft crashed at Nuneaton.  Pilot Obfw Paul Wolf, observer Unoff Willi Wieland, wireless operator Obgfr Hans Vacano and gunner Obfw Herbert Leppien all survived.

13/01/1942 Wellington T2911 of 21 OTU flew into a hill on approach to Edgehill.  P/O D C Dunn and his crew were not seriously hurt.

14/01/1942 Wellington DV481 of 22 OTU crashed on overshoot at Wellesbourne Mountford after instrument failure.  Sgt R L Horning RCAF, Sgt G C Boudreau RCAF, F/Sgt B D Farmbrough, Sgt G M Gee and Sgt J H O’Connor were all killed.

17/01/1942 Wellington R1340 of 12 OTU crashed taking off from Chipping Warden, after the flaps crept down.  Sgt A R Wilson RNZAF, Sgt K S Rogers RNZAF and F/O J C Huston were all killed.

18/01/1942 Wellington X9931 of 12 OTU crashed at Redhill on overshoot.  Sgt B O Gates RCAF, Sgt R M Lawrence RCAF, P/O R B Halliday RCAF, Sgt E Mason, Sgt D H Jacques RCAF and Sgt S Cox were all injured.  The entire crew failed to return from Dortmund on 14-15/04/1942, with 214 Squadron.

25/01/1942 Wellington R1803 of 23 OTU overshot and flew into a hill at Pershore.  The rear gunner, Sgt J H Bye RCAF was killed.  Sgt I D Steward and Sgt P E Poulson were injured.  Sgt W Clayton, Sgt J G Forbes RCAF and Sgt W L F Kellow were unhurt.

27/01/1942 Hurricane Z5231 of 79 Squadron undershot landing at Bishops Tachbrook.  Pilot Sgt Cutting was unhurt.

28/01/1942 Wellington X9935 of 22 OTU crashed at Compton Verney after engine failure.  The pilot, Sgt R H Vearncombe RCAF, was killed.  Sgt Haines, P/O Robson, P/O Robinson, Sgt Fletcher ,Sgt Dawe and Sgt Edwards were all injured.

28/01/1942 Wellington Z1157 of 21 OTU collided with Wellington R1165 over the bombing range.  Both aircraft were badly damaged and both crews baled out, with the exception of the pilot of R1165, Sgt H A Taylor, who bravely nursed his aircraft to a safe landing at Edgehill.  Z1157 crashed at Thenford.  Sgt C W Rice RAAF did not leave Z1157 and was killed – possibly in the collision.  Of the rest of his crew, Sgt A Orr was unhurt, while Sgt Fitton and Sgt Hollingworth were slightly injured.

29/01/1942 Wellington L7801 OX-E of 15 OTU flew into Whichford Hill during a snow storm.  The rear gunner, Sgt A J Turtill was killed.  Sgt D M Bunn was injured.  The pilot, Sgt G W Roberts, Sgt D McSheen and three other members of the crew were unhurt.

30/01/1942 Mohawk AR671 of 3 Ferry Pilots Pool spun into the ground at Pershore.  Pilot Captain J H Bebb was killed.

02/02/1942 Wellington R1006 of 18 OTU caught fire during maintenance at Bramcote.  No casualties.

04/02/1942 Wellington L7893 of 21 OTU hit trees while taking off from Moreton-in-Marsh.  P/O J H Kirk, P/O H Waugh and Sgt W J Howson were killed.  Sgt R Marshall died from his injuries on 6/02/1942.  Sgt W J Brock RAAF was also seriously injured.

06/02/1942 Wellington R1047 of 21 OTU crashed at Edgehill while attempting to go round again after losing a propeller and reduction gear.  F/Sgt R K Talbot, Sgt W E Taylor RCAF, Sgt R F Anderson RCAF (from Texas USA), Sgt A E Jaeckels and Sgt W Gorman were killed.  Sgt D H Tyne died later.

07/02/1942 Master W8770 of 1 FTS flew into high ground at Malvern.  Pilot Sgt D D Hancock and T Hazeldene were both killed.

10/02/1942 Tiger Moth R5080 of 6 FIS hit trees at Kinnersley.  Names of crew not traced.

10/02/1942 Wellington X9805 of 23 OTU crashed at Pershore when an engine failed on overshoot.  P/O D D Bonnett and his crew were unhurt.

13/02/1942 Wellington R1082 SJ-L of 21 OTU stalled on approach to Wellesbourne when the port engine failed.  Sgt E T Cartwright, Sgt A E Adlam, Sgt A W McRae and Sgt D B Atkinson were killed.  Sgt J W Edwards and Sgt M Hone were injured.

13/02/1942 Wellington R3229 of 22 OTU overshot landing and ran onto the railway at Atherstone.  P/O W A Smith, P/O K Mould, Sgt Mitchell, Sgt G A Molozzi RCAF, Sgt Lane, Sgt Normington, Sgt Murphy and F/Sgt Swain were all injured.

14/02/1942 Hampden P2081 of 16 OTU undershot and hit trees at Chipping Warden.  Pilot Sgt J R Viau and observer Sgt W J Hodge were killed.  Sgt J Pegrum and another wireless operator survived.  Sgt Pegrum went on to fly with 207 Sqn.

14/02/1942 Magister N3829 of 2 EFTS crashed in Croome Park while chasing a Tiger Moth.  Sgt C C Shaw RNZAF and Sgt V A Walters RNZAF were both killed.

14/02/1942 Wellington R1027 of 12 OTU overshot and hit a tree at Chipping Warden.  P/O J R Reenberg RNZAF, P/O F B Richardson RNZAF, Sgt G N Duke, F/Sgt W L Sinclair RCAF and Sgt W Walsh were all killed.

16/02/1942  A pair of Tiger Moths from 9 EFTS collided at Ansty.  LAC Skinner was fatally injured, while LAC Rodwell broke his left arm.  The serials may be K2598 and N5466 which collided in the air on this date, but which were repaired.

16/02/1942 Whitley Z9229 KN-M of 77 Squadron was returning from operations to St Nazaire with engine trouble, possibly due to battle damage.  It may have been attempting to force land when it crashed at Sherbourne.  F/Sgt W T Connell, P/O E M Hooper, Sgt P H Roan and Sgt J W Griffin were all killed.  P/O J Spalding baled out safely, only to be posted missing when Whitley Z9293 KN-D was lost on a raid to Emden on 12/03/1942.

19/02/1942 Hurricane Z5232 of 79 Squadron crashed at Baginton attempting a slow roll at low altitude.  Pilot F/Lt P F Mayhew died in spite of the courageous efforts of Cpl Harding to save him.

19/02/1942 Tutor K4823 of 1 FIS hit the ground at Offchurch while low flying.  Sgt A Pryzincki and Sgt R C Bailey were only slightly injured.

20/02/1942 Blenheim Z5899 of 17 OTU hit a balloon cable at Bearwood.  Pilot Sgt W T Kyle RCAF, Sgt L S de Lisser (Jamaican) and Sgt E Scott were all killed.

28/02/1942 Beaufighter T4733 of the Ferry Traingin Unit swung into soft ground on take off from Long Marston.  Pilot S/Ldr W Riley was unhurt.

09/03/1942 Wellington Z8774 of 21 OTU crashed on approach to Edgehill.  P/O R C Trench, Sgt T M Fitzjohn, Sgt E Millington, Sgt A L Clipson and Sgt R Fossey were all killed.

10/03/1942 Hudson V8995 of the Ferry Training Unit spun into ground at Honeybourne.  Pilot F/O H D Freakes, Sgt J E Baartz RAAF, Sgt T F Dale and Sgt E Watson all killed.

12/03/1942 Hotspur BT563 of 102 Glider OTU cast off with the tow rope attached and dived into the ground at Bodicote.  Pilot acting S/Ldr W H Wetton and one other were injured.

13/03/1942 Tiger Moth N9492 of 10 EFTS hit HT wires at Worcester and crashed in the River Severn.  Names of crew not traced.

14/03/1942 Wellington T2961 of 18 OTU hit a hut and trees on take off from Bramcote.  P/O D M Jones, F/O W A Kozlowski (Polish), Sgt T A Hipp (Polish) and Sgt J Stengierski (Polish) were killed.  F/O Z Luba (Polish) was injured.

15/03/1942 Wellington R1342 of 23 OTU stalled on overshoot at Pershore.  There were no casualties, but the names of the crew have not been traced.

17/03/1942 Wellington X9946 LT-D of 22 OTU hit the corner of a hangar at Wellesbourne Mountford.  Sgt C J Jardine and his crew were unhurt.

18/03/1942 Wellington X9627 of 23 OTU crashed at Woodmancote after taking off in a cross-wind.  F/O D J Browne died of his injuries, while Sgt J Heslop was injured.

25/03/1942 Wellington R1287 of 18 OTU hit a petrol bowser on take off from Bramcote.  Sgt W Kazimierczak (Polish) and his crew are believed to have been unhurt.

27/03/1942 Wellington N2800 of 21 OTU crashed at Aston Magna following engine failure.  Sgt T E Dutton, Sgt W Brand, Sgt A C Thompson and Sgt J H Young were all killed.  Sgt H Wilson was injured.

27/03/1942 Wellington R1472 of 22 OTU undershot at Wellesbourne Mountford after the runway lights failed.  Sgt W T Cormack RCAF and Sgt K Edmonds were unhurt.

29/03/1942 Wellington X9629 of 23 OTU was landing at Defford with a failing engine when control was lost.  The Wellington crashed into the station headquarters.  P/O C H Grant, Sgt J K Crossing RCAF, Sgt J W Astalstein (or Asseltine) RCAF, Sgt D R Brown, Sgt R G Swan and Sgt J W Fry were all injured.

30/03/1942 Magister N5405 of 6 FIS crashed in forced landing at Severn Stoke.  Instructor P/O A Sproxton was injured and pupil Sgt F L Podbury was killed.

06/04/1942 Tutor K3348 of 1 FIS suffered a collapsed undercarriage at Church Lawford.

13/04/1942 Tiger Moth R5204 of 6 FIS hit HT wires and a barn at Worcester.  Names of crew not traced.

27/04/1942 Wellington R1618 of 23 OTU swung off the runway while taking off from Defford.  P/O L W Munroe RNZAF, Sgt V Ardis RCAF, P/O T W Copson, Sgt R A Hamilton RAAF, Sgt L E Bosvert RCAF, Sgt C D Dixon RCAF and Sgt S G Perks suffered minor injuries.

28/04/1942 Wellington R3198 of 22 OTU crashed in a turn at night at Wellesbourne.  Sgt J A Schweitzer RCAF, Sgt H C Crouch RNZAF and Sgt J P Williams RCAF were all killed.

04/05/1942 Wellington T2881 of 23 OTU caught fire on the ground at Defford.  T2881 was a presentation aircraft ‘Ceylon III’

05/05/1942 Wellington Z1086 DG-Q of 22 OTU stalled at Wellesbourne Mountford when attempting to go round again.  Sgt L H Blake RCAF, P/O M M Osten RCAF, Sgt A H Craven and Sgt D A Blue were killed.  Sgt C W Milton RCAF was injured.  S/Ldr F G Mogg, medical officer, received the George Medal for his rescue efforts.  Sgt Milton recovered, only to die on 08/11/1942 in another crash with 22 OTU.

07/05/1942 Wellington T2824 of 21 OTU crashed at Balscote while in the circuit of RAF Edgehill.  Sgt J A Johnson, Sgt H E Perry, Sgt L W Cowell, Sgt R H Walker and Sgt H Marillier were all killed.

07/05/1942 Wellington Z1053 of 23 OTU crashed at Defford after losing a propeller.  P/O P J Palin RCAF, Sgt G L Mesheau RCAF, F/Sgt J M Sadler RCAF, Sgt J M Charbonneau RCAF, Sgt L F Fisher (South African) and Sgt V S Henderson RAAF were all killed.

08/05/1942 Oxford V3471 of 1 FIS crashed when an engine failed on take off from Church Lawford.  Sgt Doodson and P/O Peate were both injured.

19/05/1942 Folland Fo.108 P1777 was being flown by Neil Daunt (known as Mike), a test pilot with Glosters, doing engine diving trials.  The aircraft lost its tail and threw the pilot out, who managed to land safety by parachute.  Aircraft crashed near Tewkesbury.

20/05/1942 Anson AX430 21 OTU was taxied into by Wellington DV811 at Moreton-in-Marsh.  The Anson was destroyed; no casualties.

20/05/1942 Master N7609 of 6 FIS spun into ground at Droitwich.  Pilot F/Lt R Parr and P/O W R Bradley were killed.

21/05/1942 Tutor K3427 of 1 FIS crashed in forced landing at Harbury.  F/O J N Owen and Sgt J R Morrall were injured.

21/05/1942 Wellington R1142 of 21 OTU stalled after overshooting at Edgehill.  F/Sgt G H Wilsher, Sgt J Anderson, Sgt H Swales, Sgt T W Worley RAAF were killed.  Sgt A R Murray (Rhodesian) was injured.

22/05/1942 Anson N9565 of 3 AOS hit HT wires near Edgehill.  P/O G W Ardley, P/O C A Harris, Sgt H Cohen, Sgt S Laws were all killed.

25/05/1942 Wellington AD625 of 22 OTU was hit by Wellington DV840, which was overshooting at Atherstone.  In AD625, F/O J J Gale and P/O Morris were injured, while Sgt J S Williams RNZAF, Sgt D Callaghan RNZAF, Sgt M Wilkinson RNZAF, Sgt J E Hough and Sgt V R Pascoe RAAF were all killed.  In DV840, only Sgt Noyes survived, with injuries, while Sgt C R Whitworth, F/Sgt J L Gibby, F/Sgt R D Cook RCAF and Sgt R E Herbert RNZAF were all killed.

26/05/1942 Wellington X9934 of 21 OTU was hit by Wellington DV657 of 1446 Flight, on the ground at Moreton-in-Marsh.  The bomb load on X9934 exploded in the fire.  P/O J Clark, F/Sgt Laver and Sgt Wheeler were injured.

02/06/1942 Turbinlite Havoc AW412 of 1456 Flight had a tyre burst while taking off from Honiley; undercarriage raised to stop.

02/06/1942 Wellington DV658 of 1446 Flight crashed on overshoot at Moreton-in-Marsh.  P/O K Moore RAAF and Sgt A B Dean RAAF were unhurt.  P/O Moore went on to fly with 460 Squadron and was killed on 05/04/1943, when Lancaster W4310 was shot down.

02/06/1942 Wellington T2904 of 12 OTU lost an engine while returning from the 1,000 Bomber Raid on Essen and crash-landed at Chipping Warden.  F/Lt D P Fox, W/O Paveley, Sgt Berry, F/Sgt Whaley and Sgt Marks all survived.

05/06/1942 Oxford R5956 of 1 FIS crashed near Birdingbury following a stall.  Instructor Sgt W Overend and pilot Sgt R W Bevand were both killed.

09/06/1942 Oxford L9646 of 6 PAFU crashed in forced landing at Worcester.  Pilot Sgt R A Roberts was killed; other occupant injured.

16/06/1942 Wellington X9279 DD-5 of 22 OTU burnt out on the ground at Atherstone.  No casualties.

17/06/1942 Whitley BD358 of 24 OTU stalled on approach to Honeybourne.  F/ Sgt Rushton, P/O L Rowlinson, Sgt G E Hibben, Sgt E M Taylor, Sgt A F Alcock RCAF, LAC H G Foot and AC2 J Murray were all killed.  Sgt Harris was the sole survivor.

22/06/1942 Wellington T2548 of 12 OTU crashed in the circuit of Chipping Warden.  Sgt W Connelly, Sgt E L Taylor and Sgt F J Tranter were killed.  Sgt H A Dickinson and Sgt E Wilde were injured.

22/06/1942 Wellington X3172 of 23 OTU lost a propeller and had to crash-land at Pershore.  P/O W L Farquharson,  Sgt H Mills, P/O F L Todd RCAF, Sgt W A Williams, Sgt E A Periman and Sgt W G Teague were all unhurt.

22/06/1942 Wellington X9748 of 23 OTU was burnt out in a hangar at Pershore.  No casualties.

29/06/1942 Wellington R1036 of 22 OTU crashed at Charlecote while overshooting.  Sgt H Jones, Sgt M W Fedirchyk RCAF, F/Sgt J G Fedigan RCAF and P/O C D Archer RCAF were all killed.  Sgt D I Blott was injured.

29/06/1942 Wellington Z8705 of the Telecommunications Flying Unit crashed on take off from Defford.  P/O G L Sellick was injured, F/Lt J B Verggren, W/O D V Bidder, F/S J D Robinson were unhurt.  Scientist Mr J H Bruce was trapped in the wreckage and was rescued by P/O Sellick and W/O Bidder.

30/06/1942 Wellington R1782 of 22 OTU sank back to the ground at Atherstone shortly after take off.  P/O B Dallenger RNZAF and crew were unhurt.

01/07/1942 Hotspur BT622 of 101 Glider OTU descended out of cloud and hit a tree at Blockley.  Pilot Cpl H G Protheroe and Cpl G P Dawkins were OK.

02/07/1942 Wellington R1284 of 23 OTU crashed and burnt out while taking off from Pershore.  Sgt K H Cartland, Sgt R McColm RCAF, Sgt R C Webb RCAF were all OK.

11/07/1942 Wellington Z1072 of 304 Squadron was being used to pay a visit to 18 OTU at Bramcote.  It crashed at Bulkington after an engine failure on take off.  Pilot P/O M Mazurkiewicz (Polish) and second pilot Sgt A Kostorkiewicz (Polish) were killed.  P/O H Franczak (Polish), F/Sgt K Ziolkowski (Polish), F/O W Peski (Polish), F/O M Wodzinski (Polish), F/Sgt J Adamczyk (Polish), Cpl F Jaruszewski (Polish) and Cpl J Szpek (Polish) were all injured.  2/Lt Pietraszak (Polish land army), cousin of P/O Mazurkiewicz, was fatally injured.

12/07/1942 Beaufighter X7945 of 255 Squadron crashed in attempted forced landing at night at Hatton.  Pilot Sgt A R Parker and observer Sgt A Guthrie were both killed.

12/07/1942 Oxford N4768 of 1 FIS crashed on overshoot from Warwick RLG.  Pilot Sgt E T Porter was seriously injured; 2nd pilot Sgt J A Parkinson RCAF was killed.

12/07/1942 Wellington AD631 of 22 OTU overshot and crashed through the boundary at Long Marston.  Pilot Sgt H J Murray RCAF was slightly injured.

12/07/1942 Wellington R1414 of 23 OTU landed on its belly at Pershore and caught fire.  Sgt J P Duval RCAF suffered minor burns.  Sgt R R Holt (or Foltz) RCAF, Sgt J L Lymburner RCAF and Sgt R N Burke RCAF were unhurt.  R1414 was a veteran of 150 Squadron and had completed 9 operations by the end of 1941.

13/07/1942 Wellington R1062 of 23 OTU suffered a fractured mainspar when the undercarriage was retracted at Pershore.  Sgt J Law, Sgt G Moorhouse, Sgt R R Stover and Sgt T W Miller RCAF received minor injuries.

14/07/1942 Wellington X9617 SJ-E of 21 OTU crash landed at Edgehill after an engine failure.  F/O D C Dunn, Sgt A N Lancaster and Sgt C M Leach were unhurt.

15/07/1942 Magister R1956 of 6 FIS hit a gunpost while taking off from Worcester.  F/O D R Davis and LAC W H Evans were OK.

19/07/1942 Wellington DV934 LT-C of 22 OTU hit HT cables and crashed at Wellesbourne Mountford.  P/O J W Harley RCAF and Sgt C P Ralph RCAF were both killed.  Sgt Leslie Arthur Caddell was injured and became a "guinea pig" when he was attended by Archibald McIndoe in the Burns Unit at Queen Victoria's Hospital, East Grinstead.

26/07/1942 Wellington Z1750 of 12 OTU crashed in forced landing at Charwelton following engine failure.  F/Sgt T J Pugh and W/O M P Murray were unhurt.

27/07/1942 Beaufighter X8021 of 255 Squadron force landed at Preston Baggot after an engine failure.  Pilot P/O A S Kench was injured, observer Sgt D C Penwarden was killed, passenger LAC B L Lewis was injured.

28/07/1942 Anson N5022 of 21 OTU was destroyed by enemy action at Moreton-in-Marsh

31/07/1942 Junkers Ju 88 M2+AK Wk Nr 2115 of KFlGr 106 was shot down by a Mosquito of 264 Squadron from Colerne, flown by S/Ldr C A Cooke with navigator/ radar operator P/O R E McPherson, at Malvern Wells.  Lt H Gangl, Uffz W Nisch, Obergefr H Wohlers and Uffz W Sihorsch were all taken POW.

03/08/1942 Oxford DF310 of 1 FIS struck a balloon cable and crashed near Coventry: the exact location has not yet been discovered.  W/O K D Davies and Sgt W W Berridge were both killed.

04/08/1942 Oxford R6059 of 1 FIS overshot the small airfield at Warwick and hit trees.  Sgt E H Ridler RAAF was badly injured and Sgt S L Portman RNZAF was killed.

05/08/1942 Anson N5257 of 21 OTU crash-landed near Moreton-in-Marsh.  Sgt T T Murdoch, Sgt A E Rogerson, Sgt E T Baker all survived.

07/08/1942 Anson AX258 of 22 OTU was burnt out refuelling at Wellesbourne Mountford.

09/08/1942 B-17 41-24347 named Stork, of 347 Bomb Squadron ran out of fuel and made a wheels-up landing at Church Lawford en-route Bovingdon to Chelveston.  Pilot 2nd Lieutenant James M Hair and his crew were unhurt. Co-pilot: L Miers, navigator: J Marvin, bombardier: E Cook, engineer A DeVeinenti, radio operator: A Brozozowy (RAF), ball turret gunner: S Simmonds (RAF), waist gunner: A Saman, tail gunner: E Welch.

10/08/1942 Spitfire P8377 of 52 OTU spun into the ground at Sezincote during a cloud flying exercise.  Sgt Callow was killed.

12/08/1942 Wellington Z1159 of 23 OTU stalled on take off from Pershore.  F/Sgt A M Hornseth RCAF and P/O J G Stewart RCAF were killed.  F/Sgt A G Baliqiette (or V A Valiquette) RCAF was slightly injured.

19/08/1942 Wellington T2903 of 18 OTU flew into a hill at Chipping Camden in bad weather.  F/Sgt S Dusza (Polish), Sgt S Fatyga (Polish), P/O S K Kepinski (Polish), Sgt E Tuliszka (Polish), Sgt R S Czopik (Polish) and Sgt S Lis (Polish) were all killed.

25/08/1942 Wellington X9929 of 22 OTU stalled and crashed at Wasperton.  P/O G L Shaw RCAF, P/O E F Stoll RCAF, F/Sgt A Leether RCAF, Sgt R H Harper RCAF and  Sgt E T Spears RCAF were all killed.

26/08/1942 Wellington Z1160 of 21 OTU belly landed after an engine failure at Honeybourne.  Sgt D B White and P/O M Holub RCAF were unhurt.  P/O M Holub failed to return from Bremen on 13-14/09/1942, still with 21 OTU.

28/08/1942 Wellington BJ726 of 12 OTU crash landed at Braunston following engine failure on take off.  Sgt I S McLennan RAAF, Sgt Akehurst, Sgt Palmer and Sgt Wright were injured, while Sgt Conville was unhurt.

29/08/1942 Wellington L4310 of 22 OTU caught fire at Wellesbourne Mountford while its fuel tanks were being drained.  No casualties.

31/08/1942 Wellington R1232 of 21 OTU overshot and hit a tree at Moreton-in-Marsh.  P/O M Dunn, Sgt B A Smith and Sgt A Perrett were killed.  Sgt J F Boyer RCAF was injured.

31/08/1942 Whitley P5100 of 24 OTU lost part of a wing in collision with a tree.  Attempted to go round again, but stalled at Badsey.  Sgt G W West and F/Sgt W S Terwilliger RCAF were killed, while Sgt Bowman was injured.  F/Sgt Terwilliger was American.

01/09/1942 Beaufighter X7943 YD-P of 255 Squadron dived into the ground at Snitterfield during an electrical storm.  W/O S J Johnson and Sgt R F Ellis were both killed.

01/09/1942 Wellington W5625 of 22 OTU crashed on overshoot at Atherstone.  Sgt R A Nickless and Sgt J M Broughton RCAF were both injured.

01/09/1942 Whitley BD375 of 24 OTU hit trees at Honeybourne after both engines failed.  The wireless operator baled out successfully, but the rest of the crew stayed in the aircraft.  Sgt L S Tait was killed, but the others survived, including the pilot Sgt S W Templar.

02/09/1942 Hector K8139 of 101 Glider OTU crashed in forced landing at Hook Norton.  Fate of crew unknown.

02/09/1942 Whitley N1391 of 10 OTU hit a tree when force landing at Astley.  Sgt P Gammon RCAF and F/O H J Walters were injured.

03/09/1942 Wellington X9606 of 21 OTU flew into trees on approach to Edgehill.  P/O E W Catley, Sgt J D Muir, P/O R Davis, Sgt J A Williams and Sgt H L McGill were injured.  Sgt F Pettitt was killed.

04/09/1942 Beaufighter X7957 of 255 Squadron crashed at Honiley aerodrome while practicing single engine flying.  Pilot Sgt J W perry was killed, observer P/O Palfreyman jumped clear and was OK.

05/09/1942 Whitley AD666 of 24 OTU swung on take off from Honeybourne; fuselage broke.  Sgt D W Weiner and Sgt J H Howe were unhurt.

06/09/1942 Wellington DV937 of 16 OTU overshot landing at Perdiswell.  Sgt K J Johnson RNZAF and his crew were unhurt.

06/09/1942 Wellington X9942 of 21 OTU crashed at Bourton-on-the-Hill after hitting a tree on take off.  Sgt C A O’Halloran RNZAF, Sgt E D Sale RNZAF, F/Sgt D McM Gilmore RCAF, Sgt W F Carey and Sgt G H Bennett were all killed.

09/09/1942 Wellington X9952 of 21 OTU was destroyed in a fire on the ground at Edgehill.  No casualties.

10/09/1942 Oxford V3430 of 1 FIS spun into the ground while demonstrating stalling, at Ettington.  F/O M R Moorley and Sgt F Witt were both killed.

16/09/1942 Wellington X9671 of 22 OTU lost a wing during a flying test prior to operations against Essen and crashed at Pebworth.  P/O A J Fawcett RCAF, W/O J W O’Brien RCAF, F/Sgt F A Macauley RCAF, P/O H Casimiri RCAF, F/Sgt D H Halstead RCAF, AC1 L Holloway and AC2 D McMillan were all killed.

24/09/1942 Wellington DV653 LT-Z of 22 OTU crashed into the watch office at Atherstone when landing with only a floodlight.  Sgt J W Dunford and his crew were unhurt, except for the rear gunner, Sgt M R Foran RCAF, who was killed.

24/09/1942 Wellington DV708 of 18 OTU crashed on take off from Bramcote when the hydraulics failed. P/O L Krempa (Polish) and his crew were unhurt.

26/09/1942 Master AZ645 of 5 GTS crashed on landing at Honeybourne.  Pilot F/Lt G Wentworth was OK.

27/09/1942 Wellington BJ719 of 23 OTU flew into the ground shortly after taking off from Pershore.  Sgt J G A Hathrine (or Patry) RCAF, Sgt D L Brane, Sgt A L D’eal, Sgt G W Astaltomp were unhurt and Sgt R C Ramsey was slightly injured.

02/10/1942 Wellington DV802 of 18 OTU crashed at Ryton after an engine caught fire on take off.  Sgt M Hesse (Polish) and Sgt E S Misteck (Polish) were killed.  Sgt J Stangryciuk (Polish) was injured.

05/10/1942 Oxford N4574 of 1 RFTS crashed, probably at Moreton-in-Marsh. No further details have been found.

06/10/1942 Beaufighter V8468 3 Ferry Pilots Pool struck trees in forced landing at Bengeworth, Worcs.  Pilot First Officer D Bringes was injured.

07/10/1942 Hurricane BN878 of Telecommunications Flying Unit hit trees on high ground at Conderton, while trying to regain base.  Pilot P/O N H G Snellgrove was killed.

10/10/1942 Wellington X9695 of 21 OTU suffered a double engine failure and force-landed at Balscote.  Sgt A H Wood, P/O H G Pugh, Sgt R A Shelton and Sgt W Lear were injured.  Sgt Baker was unhurt.

11/10/1942 Tutor K3461 of 1 FIS undershot landing at Hockley Heath.  Sgt A Stewart RCAF and Sgt M M Almond RCAF were unhurt.

12/10/1942 Tiger Moth T6870 of 116 Squadron hit a pole while low-flying around a search light at night, at Alcester Heath.  Sgt W Quinn and his passenger were slightly injured.

13/10/1942 Wellington DV490 of 22 OTU crashed at Preston-on-Stour, when an engine failed shortly after take off.  F/Sgt W R Sinclair RCAF, Sgt R S Elsom RCAF and Sgt E P Hunt RCAF were killed.  Sgt D O Broughton RCAF was injured.  P/O Elsom had completed a tour with 218 Squadron.  Sgt Broughton went on to fly with 429 Squadron and died on 13/05/1943 when Wellington HE913 was shot down.

17/10/1942 Wellington BJ911 of 23 OTU undershot landing at Pershore.  Sgt J N Wright and Sgt F K Brown were injured, while Sgt B J Desjardin RCAF was killed.

26/10/1942 Wellington DV785 of 22 OTU crashed at Salford Priors on overshoot.  Sgt A H Whitted, Sgt W A Hamilton and two other members of the crew were injured.

27/10/1942 Wellington X9943 of 22 OTU was landing at Atherstone when it collided with Wellington HF628 on the ground.  P/O P Geldart and his crew were unhurt.  Sgt K E Coats, Sgt T H Maxwell and the rest of the crew on HF628 were also unhurt.

03/11/1942 Proctor R7560 of 4 SS crashed while force landing at Worcester.  The 25 year old pilot died thirteen months later. (No name traced, nor any indication of whether it was as a result of this incident.)

07/11/1942 Beaufighter X7920 of 96 Squadron was returning to Honiley with instrument failure when it crashed at Wellesbourne.  Pilot F/O W T Voller and observer Sgt H E Busby were both killed.

08/11/1942 Wellington BJ818 of 23 OTU crashed at Pershore half an hour after take off.  Sgt R H Batchelor and his crew were unhurt.

08/11/1942 Wellington DF742 DD-Q of 22 OTU stalled during a turn following engine failure and crashed at Harbury.  W/O D T Withington RCAF and Sgt C W Milton RCAF were both killed. P/O D T Withington had served with 108 Squadron in the Middle East.

09/11/1942 Wellington HF648 LT-L of 22 OTU crashed at Lighthorne after an engine failure on take off.  F/O D B Clements RCAF, F/Sgt C S Boomer RCAF, P/O A A Herbert RCAF, P/O J L Doray RCAF and F/Sgt G W Wilken RCAF were all killed.

20/11/1942 Wellington DV770 of 18 OTU overshot landing at Bramcote.  P/O J Sckelowski (Polish) and Sgt Z Weyna (Polish) were unhurt.

21/11/1942 A Wellington crashed into two Tiger Moths when landing at Elmdon.  The serial number of the Wellington has not been traced, as it was probably repaired.  Tiger Moth T7285 of 14 EFTS is recorded as being damaged beyond repair on this date.

21/11/1942 Wellington R1211 of 21 OTU hit trees while attempting to land at Edgehill.  Sgt T B McAneney RCAF, Sgt D Jackson, P/O L W Gill, Sgt A L Eastwick and Sgt A Johnson were all injured. Sgt 'Dick' Eastwick was awarded the George Medal for rescuing other members of the crew from the wreckage. He is commemorated on the Malta Memorial, being one of a seven man crew of 162 Squadron that failed to return from a sortie in the Mediterranean on 18 May 1943. Sgt T B McAneney RCAF went on to fly with 150 Squadron and his aircraft failed to return on 26 June 1944.  He is buried in Budapest.

22/11/1942 Wellington BK261 of 12 OTU broke up and crashed at Shotteswell when a photo-flash exploded in the aircraft.  Sgt R H Church, Sgt H W Bristow, Sgt F P Nettleton, Sgt T W Haver and Sgt B Hillberg  were all killed.

22/11/1942 Oxford R6145 of 18 PAFU overshot landing and crashed at Bretford.  P/O Victor André Brayer of the Free French air force was killed.  He had escaped from France via Morocco and Gibraltar. On joining the RAF, he trained at Sywell and in Canada before returning to England.  He flew under the nom de guerre Jean Pierre Hinque.  Memorial page.

22/11/1942 Stirling BF333 of 1651 CU was unable to maintain height after an engine failure and was successfully abandoned by its crew near Shipston-on-Stour.  Pilot Sgt C K Eastern RNZAF, Sgt Hodginson, Sgt Williams, Sgt Jennings, Sgt Patterson, Sgt Banyer, Sgt Curvey suffered only minor injuries.

22/11/1942 Wellington X3567 of 23 OTU overshot landing at Pershore.  There were no injuries, but the names of the crew have not been traced.

29/11/1942 Wellington LB120, fitted as a torpedo bomber, of 1446 Flight stalled on approach to Moreton-in-Marsh.  4 of the crew were killed and the rear gunner was uninjured.  3 of the casualties were probably Sgt C R Kippen (South African), F/O D Y McIntosh RCAF and F/O E Martin RCAF.

30/11/1942 Wellington HF633 of 22 OTU flew into trees at Gaydon in poor visibility.  P/O E I Davidson RCAF, F/Sgt V Meanwell RCAF, F/O R F Mallett RCAF, Sgt A Watson, Sgt W C Seed and Sgt S E Strydom were all killed.

30/11/1942 Wellington Z1414 of 18 OTU was recalled to base in worsening weather, but stayed in the air and did not follow diversion instructions.  Crashed at Monks Kirby while attempting to land in poor visibility.  P/O M (or F/O H) Kolacz (Polish) was injured.  Sgt L Krukowski (Polish) was killed.  P/O L Orchol (Polish), P/O T Jencka (Polish), Sgt W Marczak (Polish) and Sgt J Kmiecikewicz (Polish) were all unhurt.  P/O Kolacz died when his 305 Squadron Mosquito crashed on 25/05/1944.  Sgt Marczuk was lost on operations to Duisberg with 300 Squadron in April 1943.  P/O Jencka died on 17/08/1944, flying with 1586 Flight from Italy.

01/12/1942 Wellington BK250 of 12 OTU swung out of control when taking off from Chipping Warden in a cross wind and hit the control tower, ran over a civilian car and burnt out against a hangar.  Pilot, Sgt B F McMurchy RCAF was unhurt.  Sgt H Walters and Sgt E T O’Donoghue were seriously injured and died the next day.  F/Sgt D J Phillips RCAF and Sgt G A Hutchinson were also injured.  Two civilians were killed in the hangar, but their names have not been traced.  In all, 24 people were injured, including a WAAF in the control tower, who received burns.

02/12/1942 Oxford V3581 of 18 PAFU crashed during night flying training at Church Lawford.  Pilot Sgt W F Irwin RNZAF died of his injuries on 18th December.

05/12/1942 Wellington DV563 of 21 OTU undershot landing in a down-draught and crashed at Lower Tysoe. P/O D W Taylor and his crew were unhurt.

08/12/1942 Wellington DV425 of 21 OTU overshot in a storm and crashed at Tidmington.  Sgt V T Drew, Sgt L A McGuire RAAFand Sgt C E Raggett were all killed.

10/12/1942 Wellington DF736 DD-L of 22 OTU crashed at Wellesbourne in turbulent conditions.  F/Sgt D M Smardon RCAF, Sgt A E Nash RCAF, Sgt F J Baker, Sgt W Suttill RCAF and Sgt W E Halliday were all killed.

11/12/1942 Hurricane JS343 of 247 Squadron crashed at Blockley in bad weather.  Pilot Sgt A E Baldrey was killed.

14/12/1942 Wellington HF632 of 22 OTU spun into the ground at Alveston.  F/Sgt R F James RCAF, P/O E L Lasby RCAF, P/O R H Miller, Sgt S E Swallow and Sgt R G Causier RCAF were killed.

20/12/1942 Wellington R1344 of 21 OTU caught fire in the air when the photo flashes exploded.  Most of the crew baled out, but the pilot, Sgt J D Muir, crash landed at Compton Wynyates as the wireless operator, Sgt R G Percival, had not responded.  Sadly, the wireless operator was not saved. 

20/12/1942 Wellington Z1617 of 12 OTU stalled when landing at Chipping Warden.  Sgt G Campain was injured.

28/12/1942 Wellington BK517 of 23 OTU hit a tree in bad weather at Bodicote.  F/O J G Byrne, F/Sgt J T McDonald RCAF, F/Sgt W McMillan, LAC L H Nicholson, AC2 J E Beaumont and AC2 G Broadhurst were all killed.

31/12/1942 Wellington Z1665 of 16 OTU crashed on take off from Barford St John.  F/Lt V E Sutherland RNZAF, P/O J A Foulkes, P/O R Cowin, P/O D F Clarke, Sgt K A Brooks and Sgt J R Simpson were killed.  Sgt I E Lambert was injured.  F/Lt Sutherland had flown operationally with 405 Squadron.

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