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Military aircraft crashes in the south west Midlands - 1941

Details of the crashes and the names of the aircrew involved appear on this page. Please contact us if you are related to somebody on the list, or know of a photograph of them. If original photographs or papers are still in the family, we can help to caption photographs and explain the codes and nicknames that were used at the time. We appreciate the opportunity to copy original material for the museum's archive.

The Midland Aircraft Recovery Group has found the sites of many of the crashes, but we are still looking for a significant number, so we'd like to hear from anyone who can pinpoint a crash that we've listed. We are always looking for photographs, log books and anecdotes relevant to the units based in the Midlands.

The details below are have been compiled from numerous sources of information in the public domain over many years. We've done our best, but errors are inevitable. Please contact us if you have more accurate information on any of the crashes or people listed, or can add the names of crew that we haven't traced. Thank you.

02/01/1941 Hurricane L1852 of 55 OTU crashed on take off from Moreton-in-Marsh. Pilot A W Burnett was unhurt.

08/01/1941 Tiger Moth N5464 of 9 EFTS spun into the ground at Binley. The trainee pilot LAC L H Rosser was injured.

11/01/1941 Master N7955 of 308 Squadron crashed at Kirby Corner near Coventry. Pilot P/O W Nikonow and P/O Wolski, were  both killed. Both were Polish.

17/01/1941 Beaufighter R2087 of 604 Squadron crashed at Loxley after an engine failure during operations. Pilot F/Lt R H Scott and observer Sgt Dennis Moody baled out, both unhurt.

03/02/1941 Wellington P9221 of 18 OTU undershot while landing at Bramcote and hit a crane. P/O G N Parker and crew were not hurt.

06/02/1941 Hurricane V6937 of 308 Squadron crashed in forced landing near Warwick. Pilot S/Ldr B G Morris was unhurt.

07/02/1941 Tiger Moth T7160 of 2 EFTS hit HT wires and crashed in the River Severn at Worcester. P/O B G Baring-Gould was killed, but his pupil LAC J Thompson survived.

08/02/1941 Oxford N6335 of 3 FTS crashed in forced landing at Bishops Itchington. Pilot Warren Larnon was unhurt.

12/02/1941 Hampden AD734 of 83 Squadron hit a balloon cable in Birmingham. Pilot F/Lt Anderson, F/O Badcock, Sgt Weaving and Sgt Byrne all baled out safely.

21/02/1941 Master N7683 of 5 FTS stalled on approach to forced landing at Sutton under Brailes. Pilot LAC D H M Barratt was killed.

05/03/1941 Anson N5078 of 15 OTU was abandoned near Rugby. Sgt J Canton, Sgt R Dick, Sgt J W Wright, Sgt E L Killip, Sgt F Purnell, LAC Standen were all unhurt.

05/03/1941 A Tiger Moth of 9 EFTS was landing at Ansty when it collided with another Tiger Moth on the ground. Both were burnt out, but there were no casualties. The names of the crew and the aircraft serials have not been traced.

12/03/1941 Junkers Ju 88 F1+BT Wk Nr 7188 of III/KG 76 was damaged by Sgt Jankowiak in a 307 Squadron Defiant and also hit by anti aircraft guns in the Liverpool area. The crew baled out and the bomber flew on before finally crashing at Wychbold. Fw G Unger, Uffz F Bergmann, Fw A Meier and Oberfw W Dirk were all taken POW.

13/03/1941 An enemy bomber attacked Bramcote airfield during the night, dropping 8 bombs, damaging number 2 hangar and destroying Magister L5996 and Wellingtons L4233 and R1320 on the ground. No casualties.

22/03/1941 Blenheim T1892 of 105 Squadron hit a balloon cable and crashed near Birmingham. Pilot P/O I M Shirlaw, observer P/O Dugdale and WO/AG F/O Mair were all killed.

27/03/1941 Hampden P2066 of 16 OTU stalled attempting to force land after an engine failure at Wroxton Heath. Pilot Sgt V N Bidlake and wireless operator Sgt C H D Frost were killed.

09/04/1941 Heinkel He 111 1G+FK Wk Nr 4018 of 2./KG 27 was one of two Heinkels shot down by Richard Playne Stevens of 151 Squadron this night, in Hurricane V6934. It crashed at Wellesbourne. Oberfw H Muller, Fw H Muller and Fw G Schafer all baled out and were taken POW. Oblt H Muller also baled out, but died when his parachute failed to open. Sd Fr W-D Muller died in the crash. F/Lt Pat Jameson, of 266 Squadron, was flying Spitfire P7892 and also engaged the Heinkel, claiming it shot down. Both of the fighters were based at Wittering.

09/04/1941 Junkers Ju 88 3Z+AL Wk Nr 2170 of 3./KG 77 was shot down by F/Lt D A P McMullen and Sgt S J Fairweather DFM in Defiant N3403 of 151 Squadron and crashed near Nuneaton. Fw K Jahner was killed; Hptmn F von Schrotter, Oberfw F Ruff and Oberfw K Hundertmark all baled out and were taken POW.

10/04/1941 Heinkel He 111 1G+KM Wk Nr 1555 of 4./KG 27 was shot down by Defiant N3387 of 151 Squadron, flown by Sgt Henry Bodien with gunner Sgt D Jonas and crashed at Hales Lane, Smethwick. Fw E Grolig and Fw H Hacke were killed. Uffz R Muller and Fw W Strecke baled out and were taken POW. Sgt Jonas baled out of Defiant N3387 at the end of the combat, while it was diving apparently out of control into the balloon barrage. The Heinkel was also claimed by F/Lt Deanesly of 256 Squadron, but he actually shot down a Heinkel at Radway on the following night.

10/04/1941 Heinkel He 111 1H+FS Wk Nr 3623 of 8./KG 26 was shot down by F/Lt E C Deanesly and Sgt W J Scott in Defiant N1771 JT-U of 256 Squadron and crashed at Radway. Pilot Fw Alfons Schmitt and observer Fw Siegfried Kiele both baled out and were taken POW. Bomb aimer Unterofficer Herbert Puschmann was probably killed in the fighter attack and found dead in the crash, while air gunner Unterofficer Fritz Losekamm died when his parachute failed. Defiant N1771 was written-off after being taxied into a tea wagon on 17/05/1941 and was replaced by N1770 with the same code JT-U.

10/04/1941 Tiger Moth N6549 of 14 EFTS is recorded as crashing on this date. No other details traced.

20/04/1941 Tiger Moth N6607 of 9 EFTS hit a tree at Napton. Instructor F/O Burke was killed and his pupil LAC Bust died of his injuries later that day.

20/04/1941 Tiger Moth R5194 of 9 EFTS lost a wing during aerobatics at Harborough Magna. P/O P N McCarthy and LAC James Scholes were both killed.

23/04/1941 Anson R3408 18 OTU Hit a balloon cable at Walsgrave, Coventry. Pilot Sgt J B Malony, P/O O Sablik (Polish), Sgt I J Rudlicki (Polish), W/O S Ripley and F/Sgt R Hanson were all killed.

24/04/1941 Tiger Moth R5178 of 14 EFTS stalled at Heronfield. The Navy pilot, Leading Airman Arthur "Chris" Holley was killed.

28/04/1941 Tomahawk AH814 of 403 Squadron hit a gunpost at Baginton while overshooting. Sgt Morrison was only slightly hurt.

28/04/1941 One of 403 Squadron’s Tomahawks landed on top of another Tomahawk at Baginton. P/O Anthony was unhurt. This may have been AH816, which is recorded as damaged beyond repair on 09/05/1941.

29/04/1941 Wellington L4297 of 18 OTU struck trees and crashed at Bulkington. P/O B J Hawkes, Sgt J Zwolski (Polish), Sgt T Szostak (Polish) and Sgt Z P Gaik (Polish) were all killed.

30/04/1941 Tomahawk AH888 of 403 Squadron was abandoned in a spin at Hatton after a camera door opened and made the aircraft uncontrollable. Sgt E K Tomlinson RCAF was injured. Eric Keith Tomlinson, hailing from East York, Ontario, went missing on 23rd October 1942, flying a Kittyhawk with 260 Squadron. He has no known grave and is commemorated on the Alamein memorial.

09/05/1941 Tomahawk AH879 of 403 Squadron crashed on landing at Baginton. Sgt Morrison was unhurt.

10/05/1941 Heinkel He 111 G1+EM Wk Nr 3971 of 9./KG 55 was heavily damaged by a night fighter (not yet identified), before descending and being brought down by a lewis gunner at a searchlight battery in Earlswood. Oblt J Speck, Fw F Muhn and Fw S Ruhle were killed. Gefr R Budde was injured and taken POW.

11/05/1941 Spitfire R6644 of 308 Squadron caught fire in the air near Great Malvern. The Polish pilot, P/O Surma abandoned the aircraft and was unhurt.

14/05/1941 Tiger Moths N5456 and N5472 of 9 EFTS are recorded as crashing on this date, possibly in collision near Ansty. No other details have been traced.

16/05/1941 Tiger Moth T5712 of 9 EFTS hit a balloon cable and crashed at Walsgrave. P/O C C Brackenbury and LAC Logan were both killed.

17/05/1941 Beaufighter X7544 of 600 Squadron was shot down by the Junkers Ju 88 it was pursuing; it crashed at Berkswell and exploded. Australian pilot S/Ldr C A Pritchard and observer Sgt Gledhill baled out, both injured.

22/05/1941 Oxford W6631 of 15 FTS hit a balloon cable and crashed in Coventry. Pilot Leading Aircraftman K B Fischer was killed.

27/05/1941 Hampden P2083 of 106 Squadron crashed in forced landing at Hampton Lucy, returning from operations. Pilot Sgt L A Forty was killed, observer Sgt G Wood, WO/AG Sgt R Thompson and WO/AG Sgt M G Limes were injured.

02/06/1941 Tiger Moth N6783 of 9 EFTS was abandoned at Berkswell when lost in cloud near balloon barrage. LAC F A Unwin was unhurt.

16/06/1941 Wellington T2910 of 21 OTU stalled while overshooting at Moreton-in-Marsh and hit trees. Screened instructor Sgt H T D Smiles DFM was slightly injured. Pupils Sgt J J A Guay RCAF, Sgt S M Les and Sgt W A McKay were unhurt.

18/06/1941 Anson R9643 of 17 OTU crash-landed at Weston Subedge. Sgt G D Jessup, Sgt W S Blackadder, P/O F C Ashley, Sgt A Gordon, Sgt J S Calderwood RCAF were all injured.

18/06/1941 Anson R9652 of 16 OTU ran into a ditch on forcelanding at Winderton. Pilot Sgt R D Baxter and crew were unhurt.

18/06/1941 Tiger Moth N9396 of 9 EFTS hit a tree at Brinklow. LAC R M Buck was seriously injured.

24/06/1941 Tiger Moth T5692 of 2 EFTS failed to recover from a spin near Worcester. F/Sgt R M Messiter and Sgt R Gouby (Free French Air Force) successfully abandoned the aircraft.

26/06/1941 Master T8469 of 9 FTS crashed in forced landing at Severn Stoke. The Czech crew, names not traced, were both unhurt.

26/06/1941 Oxford R6092 of 2 CFS spun into the ground at Shuckburgh. Pilot P/O J Young was killed.

26/06/1941 Wellington R1586 of 22 OTU had an engine failure in the circuit and crashed at Loxley. Sgt T L Kirk RCAF, Sgt F J Venn RCAF, Sgt D R White RCAF, F/Sgt A Bush and Sgt J G Smithson were all killed.

28/06/1941 Tutors K3244 and K3306 of 2 CFS collided at Southam. Sgt Thompson, Sgt Berry, P/O Langley and F/Sgt Massey were all unhurt.

29/06/1941 Botha L6155 of 3 AONS lost an engine on approach to Halfpenny Green. It force landed at Enville, but hit a private car. Pilot Sgt G Ardley was unhurt, wireless operator AC2 J Trafford was killed, trainee observer LAC Newnes de Souza was injured. Miss E Williams of Stourbridge, in the car, died later. Sgt Ardley was killed on 22 May 1942 while flying Anson N9565.

30/06/1941 Botha W5031 of 3 AONS suffered an engine failure on take off, stalled and crashed at Halfpenny Green. Pilot Sgt P D K Purdon (or Purden) and trainee observers LAC A G Chester & D J Amos were all killed.

07/07/1941 Tiger Moth N5453 of 14 EFTS was abandoned after becoming uncontrollable near Shustoke. Lt T McVey, Royal Navy, was injured.

07/07/1941 Tiger Moth R5193 of 9 EFTS spun into the ground at Brinklow. LAC I S Forbes was killed.

07/07/1941 Whitley Z6476 of 10 OTU hit a balloon cable and crashed at Quinton in Birmingham, in open land, now Warple Road. The entire crew lost their lives: F/L D U Lowson DFC, P/O N McCarthy, Sgt G E Buckingham RCAF, Sgt G Farbrother, Sgt S F Drummond, P/O J Graney.

08/07/1941 Tiger Moth N6649 of 9 EFTS hit a bus on approach to Ansty. Names of crew not traced.

14/07/1941 Tiger Moth T6236 of 9 EFTS crashed while overshooting at Southam. The pilot was slightly injured; name not traced.

22/07/1941 Tiger Moth T5624 of 2 EFTS flew into the ground at night, at Upton-on-Severn. Names of crew not traced.

24/07/1941 Wellington T2458 of 21 OTU crashed at Southam while on a high level bombing exercise. F/O C F Sutcliffe, Sgt I R Mackintosh, Sgt J N Snowden, Sgt J F MacMillan RCAF, F/Sgt A H Bell, Sgt E R Kennedy RCAF and Sgt K T (Kenneth Truin) Robertson RAAF were all killed.

28/07/1941 Tiger Moth T5705 of 9 EFTS hit the groun at Pailton while low flying. LAC Miskimin was killed.

28/07/1941 Wellington L4248 of 12 OTU ran off the end of the runway while taxying at Chipping Warden. Pilot F/O D M Rolph-Smith was unhurt.

31/07/1941 Blenheim L6680 of 13 OTU ran into a Wellington on the ground at Chipping Warden. Pilot Sgt Graham OK.

01/08/1941 A pair of Tiger Moths from 9 EFTS collided in the air at Willey. LAC Desausa baled out and LAC Colman crashed into the section hut at Ansty. One aircraft was probably T5710, recorded as a fatal flying accident on this date. The other serial has not been traced.

02/08/1941 Tiger Moth N5465 of 9 EFTS failed to recover from an accidental spin at Brinklow. Sgt E Young and Cpl P G Mansell were both killed.

06/08/1941 Whitley Z6740 of 77 Squadron was on a cross country flight when an engine caught fire, leading to failure of the wingspar at Alveston. Sgt H J Gibbs, Sgt H J McLean, P/O A W Ogston, F/O J A Quick and P/O A W Tomlinson were all killed.

08/08/1941 Tiger Moth T5713 of 9 EFTS spun into the ground at Wolvey. Sgt Gayner and Cpl Stank were both unhurt.

09/08/1941 Wellington R1145 of 27 OTU landed in error on the decoy site at Wibtoft and ran into an obstruction. P/O J H Wiley RCAF, P/O G H Temple RCAF and another member of the crew were injured.

11/08/1941 Tutor K4835 of 2 CFS suffered a collapsed undercarriage when landing at Church Lawford. Sgt W R Legow was unhurt.

14/08/1941 Hampden AD935 OL-U of 83 Squadron collided with a tree while diving towards a house occupied by the pilots wife, at Wickhamford. Pilot P/O E R Davies and Sgt G A Newbold were killed. Sgt Frederick Charles Wells was injured (noted as Sgt W Wells in RAF records).

17/08/1941 Oxford P8990 of 3 FTS clipped a tree and crashed near Alcester, while the pilot was allegedly buzzing his girlfriend. The pilot, LAC P C May was killed.

23/08/1941 Master T8855 of 5 FTS spun into ground at Alveley. Sgt Ralph Sayers, Free French Air Force, was killed.

05/09/1941 Wellington W5708 of 12 OTU crashed while landing at Chipping Warden in mist. Sgt L H Hook, P/O G L Dames, Sgt W H Fagan RCAF and Sgt P M Cordy were all killed.

07/09/1941 Tutor K6110 of 2 CFS crashed at Dunchurch after an elevator broke loose. F/L A W Reader was killed and P/O Mudd was injured.

09/09/1941 Wellington X9698 of 21 OTU was abandoned at Moreton-in-Marsh when control was lost in cloud. The pilot, P/O H D Smiles DFM, baled out from just 400 feet. Sgt C E Catterson failed to escape and was killed. F/Sgt N Avery, Sgt E Twelves, Sgt L R Barber and Sgt B Lewis were all unhurt.

13/09/1941 Proctor P6105 of 755 Squadron Royal Navy crashed in Stratford. Sub Lt J A Dowling and Naval Airman class 2 W Sands were both killed.

20/09/1941 Wellington X3195 of 18 OTU had an engine failure and crashed while force-landing at Burton Hastings. F/Sgt F G Neate and his crew were unhurt.

22/09/1941 Wellington R1233 of 12 OTU lost a propeller, which severed a hydraulic pipe and forced a crash landing at Chipping Warden. Sgt W Onions RCAF and crew were unhurt. Sgt Onions failed to return from Cologne on 30-31/05/1942.

25/09/1941 Wellington R1237 of 21 OTU hit trees on approach to Moreton-in-Marsh. Sgt J G Fitzgerald was killed. Sgt R J Clarke RNZAF, Sgt J J Wishart and P/O G Sweeney were injured.

26/09/1941 Wellington P9226 of 12 OTU overshot while landing at Chipping Warden. P/O Seammen and crew were not seriously hurt. The aircraft was destroyed by fire the following night, when it was hit by Wellington X9621.

26/09/1941 Wellingtons T2907 and X9793 of 18 OTU were both written off, probably after an accident, but the details have not come to light. There are believed not to have been any casualties.

27/09/1941 Wellington X9621 of 12 OTU overshot and crashed into P9226 (see above) at Chipping Warden. The crew included pilots Sgt Jones and P/O Pinion and rear gunner Sgt H Meades (names from Sgt Meades' log book). There were no injuries.

27/09/1941 Wellington X9908 of 22 OTU undershot at Wellesbourne Mountford after an engine failure. P/O/ H Stiles, Sgt J L Bell, Sgt K N Carpenter and Sgt C J Donahue RCAF were injured. Sgt K J Gill was unhurt.

29/09/1941 Wellington R3216 of 18 OTU stalled on landing at Bitteswell. Sgt E J H Heather, Sgt S Cupryk (Polish), P/O J Jozepajt (Polish), F/O Z Stepien (Polish), Sgt J Ksiezyc (Polish), Sgt T Astramowicz (Polish) and F/Sgt J S Fisher were killed. The rear gunner, Sgt J Zietkiewicz (Polish) was injured.

04/10/1941 Ansons R9708 and R9709, both of 18 OTU were in a mid-air collision near their base at Bramcote. F/O Stanislaus Hermanowski, F/O Roman Miarczynaki, Sgt Reginald Brown, Sgt Lawrence Armstrong Scott, AC Eric Mason were all killed. Sgt David Kenneth Waters was pilot of R9709 and managed to land it safely, also saving the lives of Sgt H F G C Russell and Sgt W P L Anderson.

04/10/1941 Wellington R1146 of 21 OTU flew into trees near Edgehill. P/O J E Fairfax DFM, Sgt J F Duggan RCAF, Sgt D Winstanley, Sgt O J Simmonds, Sgt V A Taylor, Cpl J Laxton and AC2 E C Ryall were all killed.

07/10/1941 Oxford R6100 of 6 FTS flew off track and hit a balloon cable at Walsgrave in Coventry. Pilot LAC Royden Marshall and also LAC Douglas Thomas Foulger were both killed.

14/10/1941 Tiger Moth T7344 of 10 EFTS hit a telegraph pole at Evesham. P/O R A Hobbs and his passenger were injured.

14/10/1941 Tiger Moth T8199 of 19 EFTS hit a balloon cable and spun in at Stonehouse Lane, Woodgate Valley, Birmingham. Pilot Cpl Thompson was injured.

17/10/1941 Tiger Moth T5856 of 2 EFTS crashed when landing at Worcester. Cpl R E Sandford was injured.

20/10/1941 Wellington R1037 of 12 OTU crashed in Chipping Warden while overshooting. P/O K Farnes, who was a well known cricketer, was killed. P/O C H Hayes died the following day. Sgt C H Brumby and Sgt Ralph were injured.

20/10/1941 Wellington Z8786 –Q of 23 OTU crashed at Pershore on return from a Nickel exercise to the Paris area with live bombs. F/Lt R J Newton, F/Sgt Cooper, Sgt F A Tait RCAF, Sgt H Smith, Sgt P N Herbert, Sgt Harrison, Sgt H F Farley and Sgt G T Ram were all unhurt. The pupils amongst the crew were soon posted to 214 Squadron.

22/10/1941 Hampden P5318 of 16 OTU hit trees at Bloxham. Sgt E Robinson, observer Sgt R Gordon and WO/AG Sgt S K Holland were all killed.

23/10/1941 Wellington R1138 of 18 OTU hit a tree at Ullesthorpe. Sgt Kozorys (Polish) and three members of the crew were injured.

24/10/1941 Hampden P4301 of 16 OTU hit trees and crashed at Charlton while attempting to land. Pilot Sgt J C Hill, observer Sgt H Wier, WO/AG Sgt R C D Jones and WO/AG Sgt R H Breckett were all killed. Hill and Jones were Rhodesian.

24/10/1941 Wellington R1031 of 21 OTU crashed at Lower Brailes shortly after take off. Sgt H C King, Sgt L H Thackwell, Sgt C H Webb, Sgt R W Campbell and Sgt C K Rutt were all killed. F Company, 4th Warwickshire Battalion Home Guard rescued the rear gunner, Sgt S Baverstock from the wreckage. His life was saved by Red Cross nurses Priscilla Righton and Miss Tombs, who received awards. The Home Guard rescuers were A E Brain, H Clifton, E G Cummings, J Baldwin and W C Cummings.

24/10/1941 Wellington R1071 of 12 OTU flew into a hangar while landing at Chipping Warden. Sgt T Leighton RAAF was killed. Sgt G W Bibby, Sgt Robinson, Sgt Coulter, Sgt McFerran, Sgt Hankin and Sgt Colman were all injured. The ground staff saved most of the crew from the burning wreckage: P/O Cox, W/O Bennett, Sgt Sayer, Cpl Mitchell, AC1 Attack, AC1 Batty, AC1 Cox, AC1 Glover, AC1 Harris, AC1 Howard.

26/10/1941 Wellington T2844 of 23 OTU crashed at Stoke Orchard when the wings broke away. P/O H Rose, Sgt T N Boyd RCAF, P/O M F Gibson RCAF, F/Sgt W Walker, P/O R C Symes, Sgt F H Tolley and Sgt P E Lacey RCAF were all killed.

26/10/1941 Wellington X9807 of 18 OTU flew into trees at Wolvey. P/O Z Smolik, Sgt Z Laskos, Sgt J Teodorko and Sgt M Lydka (all Polish) were all killed.

01/11/1941 Hampden P5303 of 16 OTU spun into the ground at Bishops Tachbrook. Sgt J M Butterworth, Sgt A R Enderby, Sgt T G Williams RAAF and Sgt R C Hollingworth RCAF were all killed.

06/11/1941 Wellington X9702 of 22 OTU stalled and crashed on take off from Atherstone. W/O J A Rich DFM and P/O R R Clamp were killed. Sgt C R Whitworth, Sgt D A Mitchell RCAF and P/O J N Sanders were injured. W/O Rich had just been posted as an instructor, having completed his tour with 142 Squadron.

11/11/1941 Blenheim Z5800 13 OTU crashed at Bloxham after engine failure. Pilot Sgt C C Crozier and WO/AG Perrin were killed; observer P/O Conquer was injured.

15/11/1941 Spitfire X4026 of 52 OTU caught fire in the air and force landed near Pershore. Sgt J Paephs was pulled from the burning wreckage by the landowner and survived.

18/11/1941 Tutor K3398 of 2 CFS hit the ground at Napton-on-the-Hill when low flying. P/O W V Pect (or Peet?) and P/O Heath were injured.

22/11/1941 Tiger Moth L6946 of 7 EFTS stalled and crashed at Coleshill. The pilot was injured; name not traced.

23/11/1941 Tiger Moth R5173 of 9 EFTS crashed on night approach to Southam. F/O Passmore and P/O Laneaton were injured.

28/11/1941 Hampden AD933 of 44 Squadron force landed near Honeybourne after operations. Sgt Moss, Sgt Ross, Sgt Seagoe and Sgt Hackett were all unhurt.

07/12/1941 Hurricane Z5663 of 2 Ferry Pilots Pool crashed into the Wyre Forest during a severe snow storm. Pilot First Officer Gasser (American) was killed.

07/12/1941 Oxford P1930 of 2 FTS dived into the ground at Boughton Heath, Moreton-in-Marsh, in the snow storm. Pilot P/O L K (Leslie Kitchener) Duncan RNZAF was killed.

07/12/1941 Wellington T2566 of 22 OTU crashed at Newbold Pacey when there was a complete loss of visibility in the snow storm. P/O W J Turner DFM, P/O J Lynas RCAF and Sgt P R Chancellor were killed. P/O R J Jackson RCAF and Sgt Lane were injured.

07/12/1941 Wellington X9625 of 22 OTU flew into a hill at Loxley while attempting to land in the snow storm. Sgt J H Cox and Sgt Allen were injured. P/O J E Allen and W/O A D Cuthbert RCAF were also injured and later died.

07/12/1941 Wellington Z1089 of 21 OTU flew into trees at Sibford Ferris when the aircraft iced up in the snow storm. P/O K W Watson, Sgt J W Hubbard, Sgt C G Tierney and Sgt E S Medder were killed. Sgt R Newton and Sgt J Martin were injured, the latter being rescued by P/O J A Bright, P/O W T Gabriel and PC L Simons.

08/12/1941 Tiger Moth N6938 of 7 EFTS crashed when force landing at Wythall. The names of the crew have not been traced.

12/12/1941 Tiger Moth T8240 of 6 FIS stalled and crashed at Fladbury. P/O R H Pallen and Sgt J E McLellan were injured.

23/12/1941 Oxford N4609 of 15 FTS undershot landing at Barford St John. Pilot LAC G W G Dodge was unhurt.

23/12/1941 Wellington DV430 of 12 OTU undershot landing at Wardington. Sgt G H Ferguson, Sgt C L McCallum RCAF, Sgt G E Ford RCAF, Sgt R H Badland RNZAF and Sgt G C Cavanagh were all injured.

24/12/1941 Blenheim L8663 of Ferry Training Unit stalled on approach to Honeybourne. Pilot P/O H E H Gillet was injured.

31/12/1941 Oxford N6278 of 15 FTS hit tree low flying at Shipston-on-Stour. Instructor Sgt W H D (William Harrington Davy) Stewart DFM RAAF, LAC C J King and LAC J C Lambert were all killed.

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