Membership benefits

The council exists for the benefit of the members. Groups have different emphases. Many are directly involved in searching for and recovering wartime aircraft and others concentrate on historical research, photography or preserving airfield buildings. Members come from a broad spectrum of ages and occupations but share an interest in aviation history.

The BAAC provides the following for its members...

Joining is easy

Membership is open to all organisations and groups involved with any aspect of aviation archaeology / related research as well as to individuals who research aviation history.

Individuals who become members in their own right are known as Research Members, unlike the member groups they do not presently hold any voting rights at meetings. Overseas organisations, groups and individuals can become associate members.

An initial membership enquiry can be made via the membership enquiry form, after this you will be asked to send a signed written application by post to the Membership Secretary. This form will be sent to you either by post or electronically for you to print out and return.

Groups will become full members once their application has been accepted at a meeting of the Council (held in January & July) and they have had a year as probationary members during which time one or more representatives of the group have attended a meeting of the Council to give a brief presentation of their work to date and what their groups general aims are.

Membership costs 17.50 for the first year for new members, dropping to 12.50 in subsequent years. Overseas membership varies depending on exchange rates and commission(s) charged for currency conversion.