Members of the British Aviation Archaeological Council

Approximate locations of members are given on the map, below, a full list with further details if given below the map.



Group Members of the BAAC

The member groups with full membership are all from the British Isles, and are named groups with multiple members. They each choose their own areas of interest and expertise, some primarily carry out excavations and recoveries of historic aircraft while others carry out detailed research into accidents in their areas or throughout the British Isles.

Bentwaters Aviation Society E-mail Keeping the spirit of RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge alive & supplying staff & running the Bentwaters Cold War Museum.
City of Norwich Aviation Museum E-mail Formed in 1977 as an enthusiast group, the museum opened to the public within a few years after they acquired a small number of airframes. Since then the museum has grown with more, and larger aircraft, being collected. Their two largest exhibits being Vulcan B. Mk.2 XM612 and Nimrod M.R. Mk.2 XV255. Along side the complete airframes are a number of cockpits and smaller exhibits.
Derbyshire Historical Aviation Society E-mail One of the founding members of BAAC, the Derbyshire Historical Aviation Society was started in 1972, though it was 1974 when its present name was adopted. They have carried out a number of excavations in the East Midlands over the years, though most of the work has been concentrated in Derbyshire.
Devon Aircraft Research & Recovery Team E-mail
Dumfries & Galloway Aviation Museum E-mail An aviation museum specialising in all aspects of historic aviation and preservation while also portraying the history of aviation in South West Scotland.
Geodetic Preservation Group E-mail Wellington preservation / Restoration project, rebuilding of a Vickers Warwick tailplane section.
Historic Aircraft Recovery Team E-mail
Lancashire Aircraft Investigation Team E-mail The Lancashire Aircraft Investigation Team aims to research and record the aviation heritage of our region and where appropriate to recover and preserve associated artifacts. Whilst our research extends back to the earliest days of aviation, during which the region played a prominent role, our primary interest is in the air war over the North West of England during WW2. During WW2 the region was largely associated with training of aircrews and aircraft building and maintenance, although it is true that Manchester and Liverpool suffered badly during the Blitz. Thus most of the incidents we research involved accidents during training or testing of aircraft. Though the human cost was none the less tragic for the families of those who lost their lives or the memory of their sacrifice any the less important. Wherever possible we try to ensure that the results of our research and any finds we uncover go on public display locally and regularly organize temporary displays at local libraries and museums. Finally it is not the intention of our group or this site to glorify war or aircraft as weapons in any way. In cases where guns are recovered, we believe that these also should be preserved and displayed in order to place them in their correct historical context.
Lashenden Air Warfare Museum E-mail One of the country's leading wreckology & aviation museums. Established in 1970 with displays from 1911 to the present day. Home of the UK's only Fieseler Fi103-R4 Reichberg piloted flying bomb.
Lincolnshire Aircraft Recovery Group E-mail Founded in 1973, and based at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage at Eask Kirkby since 1986, the LARG consists of volunteers who strive to keep alive the memory of those killed in flying accidents and incidents in both war and peace. Each recovery project requires many weeks, months or even years of research that goes into planning a dig which must be licenced under the terms of the Protection of Military Remains Act 1986. As many of these crashes sadly involved the loss of lives, LARG also erects memorials to commemorate those who have lost their lives as a consequence of intensive aerial activity.
Marches Aviation Society E-mail With its origins in the Welsh Marches in the 1960s MAS have participated in many dozens of recoveries, mainly of the Battle of Britain & Blitz periods.
Midland Aircraft Recovery Group E-mail We research and preserve the military aviation history of the Midlands. Restoration projects include Wellington IV Z1206, Airspeed Oxford I, Whitley, Hurricane and Harvard cockpits.
Northamptonshire Airfields & Aircraft Research Group E-mail
Peak District Air Accident Research E-mail Formed from the Macclesfield Aviation Group in 2003 to research aviation related incidents in and around the Peak District National Park. The group are also actively researching and visiting high ground aircraft crash sites within the British Isles and assisting other groups with their activities.
Solway Aviation Society E-mail Dedicated to aircraft preservation and the maintaining of a collection of aeroplanes and artefacts for the mutual enjoyment of members and the public.
South Wales Aviation Research Group E-mail Though described as a 'Group', I am actually the sole member. My main interest is in the research of aviation history in the South Wales area. I do know and again attend digs, but locating 'lost' crash sites is more my 'cup of tea'. I have a keen interest in locating underwater sites in the coastal waters around my home (and further afield); when sea and weather conditions allow. I have published two books (Fallen Flyers & Carmarthenshire Air Crashes) on the subject and contributed to many more. Most of the items I recover are displayed at local museums. The largest number of artefacts are exhibited at the Kidwelly Industrial Museum and represent stories attached to the former RAF airfield at Pembrey about a mile away. About twice a year I give illustrated talks to interested local history groups
Sywell Aviation Museum E-mail A museum on Sywell Aerodrome which promotes aviation past and present in Northamptonshire.
Twinwood Aviation Society E-mail The Twinwood Aviation Museum holds a large collection of RAF and USAAF uniforms and equipment, along with artefacts recovered from German and Allied aircraft crash sites. The museum also has exhibits dedicated to fighter groups such as the "Night Fighter" training unit that was based here, and the 339th Fighter Group, 8th USAAF.
Warplane Wreck Investigation Group E-mail One of the very early members of the BAAC, having been active from the mid 1970s all over the UK but based in Merseyside.
Wartime Aircraft Recovery Group Formed in 1978 as the Warplane Wreck Investigation Group (Midlands) to locate recover restore and display items from wartime aircraft it soon adopted its present name to avoid confusion with the pre-existing WWIG. Most of the collection was recovered from crash sites in & around Shropshire. The museum is at Sleap airfield near Wem and is open on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month from April to October.
Wessex Archaeology, Coastal and Marine E-mail Market leader in the provision of quality archaeological and heritage services, delivered from a UK wide network of offices. Established for over 35 years, Wessex Archaeology offers an unrivalled range of services above ground, below ground and underwater. We work in partnership with planners, designers, developers and property managers to deliver practical solutions.


Research Members of the BAAC

On the whole research members are individuals who do not belong to other member groups, their areas of interest are broadly similar to the groups lsited above though obviously conduct much of their work as individuals or as part of collaborative efforts with other researchers.

We presently have 10 individual members of the Council.


Associate Members of the BAAC

All associate members of the British Aviation Archaeological Council are from outside of the British Isles.

Aviation Archaeological Investigation & Research E-mail Aviation archaeology organisation from the western USA.
Foundation Airwar Study Group [Groningen - Drenthe] E-mail A group from the northern German / Dutch border.
Michael Charter E-mail Canadian researcher from Ontario. Member of the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association (Dive Recovery Team)


BAAC Committee Officers

BAAC President    
BAAC Committee    
Chairman Nick Wotherspoon Lancashire Aircraft Investigation Team
Vice-Chairman Eric Watkiss Lancashire Aircraft Investigation Team
Secretary Graham Chaters Lincolnshire Aircraft Recovery Group
Membership Secretary & Treasurer David Stubley Lincolnshire Aircraft Recovery Group
Information Officer Mark Evans Midland Aircraft Recovery Group
Webmaster Alan Clark Peak District Air Accident Research
Editor, Aviation Archaeologist Alan Clark Peak District Air Accident Research