Aviation Archaeologist

The "Aviation Archaeologist" is the magazine produced by the BAAC for its members. The magazine was first published by the then Aviation Archaeologists' Association in 1974. Its main principle has remained relatively unchanged since then, that is to provide relevant news to the membership along with articles written by the members about their own projects and or research.

The magazine is sent out to all the members and to subscribers. Subscription for non-members of the BAAC 10.00 including P&P for four issues (15.00 overseas), back copies of Series No.3 can also be purchased from the Council for 2.50 per issue, some copies of Series No.2 are also still available (Issues prior to No.41 are priced at 1.50 each). To subscribe please use the membership contact form.

The different editions have been published in Volumes and Series over the years, the current ones under Series No.3

Issues which are still available as back issues are indicated in the menu, however the Council is currently digitising all issues and so these issues may become available in digital form in the near future.

Aviation Archaeologist Series No.3 Issue 14 - The aviation archaeology magazine of the British Aviation Archaeological Council

Series No.3 Issue No.14 - Available For Purchase

Autumn 2014
  • Editorial
  • News
  • Passengers of the 'Bus'
    • The stories of a few of the Norwegians who travelled via the Shetland Bus to the UK and their connections to South West Wales
      • Steve Jones, South Wales Aviation Research Group
  • Lancaster Bomb Hook
    • Dave Stubley, Lincolnshire Aircraft Recovery Group
      • Steve Jones, South Wales Aviation Research Group
  • Fairey Barracuda LS520
    • A short piece about the loss of Barracuda LS520 near Crieff
      • Alan Leishman, Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum
  • The Stainmore Oblong
    • An article describing six crashes in the area around Stainmore on the Cumbria/Durham border.
      • David Hanson
  • Recovery Report, Cessna Bobcat 42-58513
    • A detailed article about the recovery by the Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum of the remains of Cessna UC-78A 42-58513 from forestly land near Milngavie
      • Alan Leishman, Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum