Aviation Archaeologist

The "Aviation Archaeologist" is the magazine produced by the BAAC for its members. The magazine was first published by the then Aviation Archaeologists' Association in 1974. Its main principle has remained relatively unchanged since then, that is to provide relevant news to the membership along with articles written by the members about their own projects and or research.

The magazine is sent out to all the members and to subscribers. Subscription for non-members of the BAAC 10.00 including P&P for four issues (15.00 overseas), back copies of Series No.3 can also be purchased from the Council for 2.50 per issue, some copies of Series No.2 are also still available (Issues prior to No.41 are priced at 1.50 each). To subscribe please use the membership contact form.

The different editions have been published in Volumes and Series over the years, the current ones under Series No.3

Issues which are still available as back issues are indicated in the menu, however the Council is currently digitising all issues and so these issues may become available in digital form in the near future.

Aviation Archaeologist Series No.2 Issue 45 - The aviation archaeology magazine of the British Aviation Archaeological Council

Series No.2 Issue No.45 - Available For Purchase

  • Aircraft Crashes in North Tynedale & Redesdale
    • An article giving historial information about aircraft accidents in the area described, including Hurricane KX190, Lancaster DS650, Halifax DK116, Tiger Moth T6828, Dragon Rapide G-AFMF, Chipmunk WP780, Auster TW582, Varsity WL640, Hunter XG236, Sioux XT114, and Tornado 4145 (44+45)
      • Jim Corbett
  • The Rothersthorpe Wellington
    • An abridged version of information given in a booklet "The Rothersthore Wellington" about the loss of Wellington Mk.X LN482
      • P.J. and G.M. Dickens via Paul Cannon, Northamptonshire Airfields and Aircraft Research Group
  • Loss of Thunderbolt 41-6395
    • An article about the crash of Republic P-47C 41-6395 at Montford Bridge in Shropshire and its excavation by WARG
      • Joe Collier, Wartime Aircraft Recovery Group
  • A Cross Marks the Spot
    • An article about two crashes in Angus, Sopworth Pup D4030 and Miles Master N1602
      • David Hanson
  • The Old Master
    • A second shorter piece about the crash of Miles Master N1602 described in the previous article
      • David Hanson
  • The Haughmond Mosquito
    • A look at the loss of de Havilland Mosquito DZ244 of No.60 Operational Training Unit at Gaughmond Farm near Shrewsbury
      • Rob Evans
  • Hampden Loss
    • An article about the crash of Handley Page Hampden Mk.I P1294 of No.14 OTU at Llynclys Farm near Oswestry
      • Rob Evans
  • Glen Strae Loss
    • Steve Spink, Dumfries & Galloway Aviation Museum
      • Rob Evans